Smart Steps To Take To Move Your Career To The Next Level in 2020


We all want to grow in our careers and move up to the next level. We also want to be able to achieve our individual goals, dreams, and visions for our careers. To achieve all these though, some work and sacrifice have to be put in and it also requires a lot of discipline.


Do your best in your current position


What position are you in currently in your company? What have you done with that position to add value to the company? You can be aiming for a better or higher position in your company but if you have not done anything tangible with the one you are currently in, no one is going to pay you attention or give you any promotion. Up your game and prove yourself and let your work speak for you.

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Learn a new and relevant skill


Work on yourself. Increase your value. Find out what skills are needed and relevant for adding value to your company. Acquire these skills, volunteer to solve a problem in your company with these new skills and watch the magic happen.


Broaden your knowledge

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Learn new things. Know something about every department and not just your department. Have vast knowledge about a lot of things. It will definitely help in putting you in a vantage position of moving up to a higher level in your career.


Mentor someone

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Take a new employee or an intern under your wing. Many of them may still be trying to find their foot in a new venture. Teach them the ropes, help them build their confidence and discover themselves in this new environment. When you add value to others and people can see that you are such an amazing person, they will definitely have good things to say about you to others and it may even get to your bosses without you doing much work. Then, the promotion may just come after that.

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Make your superior or boss’s job easier

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If there is anyone that can actually put in a word or two for you to move to a higher level in your company, it will wise of you to get close to them and see how you can work with them. Find out the issues they are having with carrying out their own duties and see how you can help out. Be a problem solver. Add value. Then sit and watch how you will climb smoothly to the next best level in your career.

Good luck with working towards your career goals.


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