We know perfumes are a major part of fashion. I mean what’s looking good without smelling good? It is one of the things that make your presence linger even after you have left a room. You can tell a lot about a person based on how they smell. I can go on and on. Sometimes we choose the wrong fragrances because we are simply ignorant about how to choose the right ones. I have put together something that could help in your decision in choosing the right perfume.

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Fragrances are categorized by the concentration of the aromatic compounds, that is the ingredients that make up the scents. The more concentrated the aromatic compounds, the stronger, longer lasting and often more expensive a fragrance will be. The rest of the fragrance is the liquid carrier, usually ethanol or a mix of ethanol and water. You can check the bottle of the fragrance to find out the following

Eau de parfum/perfume: This is definitely a good one. The perfume is about 20 percent aromatic compounds; in some cases, it is even more concentrated which makes the scent of the fragrance last longer.

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Eau de toilette: An eau de toilette is about 10 percent aromatic compounds. Which means they are not as strong as you would wish but they are cheaper.

Eau de cologne: Colognes are made up of 2 to 5 percent aromatic compounds. This is usually just a hint of scent

Scented lotions and powders, splash perfumes and aftershaves: Scented products like these contain from less than 1 percent to 2 percent aromatic compounds, perfect for a light scent or for layering.

Smelling good: The ultimate style...
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I hope this helps when you are picking out fragrances for yourself or loved ones. Let me know how your perfume spree goes. *wink*


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