They looked at her in wonder. There she was again, big smile in place, happily going about her duties. You would think she had just been given a big present! How did she manage to keep smiling all the time?

The two friends tried to recall a time when this colleague of theirs had been sad or grumpy, even for a moment; it was hard, no, impossible to recall. She was always smiling, sometimes secretly as if she knew something that no one else did. And she did not do it only when others were watching either, several times they had walked in on her smiling as she tackled one challenging task after another. “How could anyone be like this?” They wondered again

In a moment of madness they decided to make it a project to try to annoy her and get her to lose the smile.

First, they deliberately left her with duties they should handle themselves; she did them all in good time, smile in place. When that did not work, they took to sabotaging her work; at first it was little acts of mischief, when that failed, they resorted to acts of malice and injustice to make her look bad before her superiors. The smile never changed, not even for one day! Not even when it degenerated to outright wickedness on the part of her fault-and-frown-finding colleagues.

After three months of pointless mischief, they decided to give up; the lady must be mad, they said to themselves, no one could be that happy all the time.

She smiled happily that morning as her two colleagues responded to her cheery greeting for the first time in a very long while. She had observed their coldness in the recent past but she had concluded that they must have been dealing with some really bad situation in their private lives.

She wanted to offer some form of help but there had been no time, so she happily took on the extra work they left for her. She felt it was the least she could do to ease their burden.

One day she hoped they would find a way to be less bothered about things. She had made up her mind long ago to be happy on purpose everyday, that way she could live in hope. That morning she set herself a challenge; she would show her two sad colleagues one deliberate act of kindness everyday for three.

She smiled even wider at the thought. Maybe that would help them be happy on purpose everyday! #summerwriting


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