There are many ways a guy would try to use you, but here are five most common reasons where a guy could pretend like he’s interested in you, when in reality, he doesn’t even care half as much as you do.

  • To get back at his ex

This is more common than you can ever imagine. Many guys date a new girl immediately as soon as they break up only to annoy their ex. How can you tell if he’s using you and not really interested in you?

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Here are two signs: he would try to take you to a place where his ex hangs around most times or by some ‘ coincidence’ you will always bump into his ex when you’re out with him. And at times, he may treat you nicer or hold you closer when his ex is around.

  • As a Sugar Mummy

If you are a girl with  a lot of money in the purse, you always need to becautious about the kind of guys you date. Almost always,more than half the guys you date would be after your money than anything else.

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Reading signs of a guy who loves you because of your money isn’t very easy. Many guys pretend to behave chivalrously and never make it seem like they’re after you for the money until they’ve hooked you deep. But if you find out that you’re the one doing most of the spending on dates, that’s a good sign.

3    To get into your pants

Sometimes, a guy may pretend like he’s fallen in love with you only to have sex with you. And once he gets to do that a few times, he’d start to lose interest in you or may start to take you for a ride.

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4  He wants to show you off

Some guys don’t really care about who they’re dating as long as his friends think she’s attractive. Are you in a relationship with someone who tries to hold you really close or indulges in a public display of affection? If yes, then he’s probably using you to boost his low self-esteem.


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