‘That was so good’ he smacked her backside and licked her lips, content with their passionate lovemaking…she quickly gathered the sheets to hide her naked form. Years of doing this hadn’t gotten her used to it… She still felt cheap and dirty after each client.

He noticed her sudden quietness and was a bit perturbed… She rode him like a wild mare some minutes ago and now she acted like a conquered virgin.

A Song for Bola – Episode 1

‘I’m okay Chief…I think I’m good to go’ she hated talking to her clients after or establishing any sort of camaraderie with them…the idea didn’t just sit well with her. She knew it wasn’t disadvantageous because more men kept on coming to her….she was extremely beautiful.

Not wanting to waste more time, she quickly slid out of the bed and began to dress…

‘Let me shower first…wait for me.’ She just watched him shaking her head sadly… He was old enough to be her father but things didn’t work that way.

You see her name is Bola Makanjuola and she is a call girl, what we Nigerians would refer to as ‘runs girl’. But her story is not that of some young girl from a financially challenged family, no, hers is a reverse.

‘Have this, baby… We should do this again some other time.’ He smiled and she thought him ugly just like the others she had business with. They were mostly rich millionaires in their middle ages while a few were young business men but they all craved for one thing and she did give them but not without cost.

She quickly placed the Dollar notes into her Gucci purse and walked out of the door praying for the guilt to wear off. She knew deep down the consequences of such a reckless life but what else could she do? She had no one ….okay…she had someone who had turned out to be her greatest nightmare…Her father.

She smiled at the hotel receptionist as she stopped to read a post…an advert for a singing competition ‘Golden Voices’…a call out for talents from all parts of Nigeria ….with fair rewards for the winners.

‘God I love this’ she whispered. Then she remembered his voice…the man that haunted her since she was a child…a voice that followed her like a shadow even to her world of dreams.

‘You will never amount to anything’ his voice echoed…she swallowed deeply…maybe it was time for her to chase her dreams…to come out of her shell and show the world what she had inside.

‘Do you like that?’ The receptionist asked politely, she nodded in response.

‘Come over here and get a form it’s free’ she handed Bola the form and gave her more detailed information on the competition.

Well, she had to make good use of her time while waiting for the strike to be over… ‘sometimes I wished I had more cash…I would school overseas’ her friends usually complained but she only smiled at the irony of her life.

She was going for this competition and no one was going to stop her.

You Are Reading: A Song for Bola – Episode 1

She felt her iphone7 vibrate against her other phones… she smiled at the phone knowing it meant business was up.

‘Rosemary how are you doing? Anything for your girl?’

‘Babes….there’s this guy you should meet…he is a serious hottie…and very rich…make sure you handle him well….i gave him your number…remember to send my tax as usual.’

She waved her naughty friend off… Rosemary was the only one that understood her well… she was more than a sister… far too precious than her evil father who had ruined her life totally but she promised never to let go of her dreams.

Her mother died of breast cancer when she was only six years old but she heard it different as she got mature. Her late grandmother who never liked her mother always told her the death was caused by ‘edun ara’. She was told of how her mother had cheated on her dad countless of times with different men sometimes with the drivers.

But she couldn’t think of her mother in that light. Her mother was the love of her life, her angel. She remembered the days she would run home without her shoes and her mother would scold her and ask her to do some chores and she hated chores.

Sundays were usually the best days of her life….her dad was mostly away …. So it was just both of them…her mom would bake biscuits and braid her hair while they waited for the oven to brown the biscuits. She closed her eyes as more memories came back….

Then slowly…she started fading like sunlight at twilight….her skin became dry and pale…then her breast started to swell but she didn’t understand any of it…she only understood her mother would get better and their rosy life would continue. The doctors kept coming …each leaving with a hopeless frown…then it happened and the whole world came crashing on her.

You Are Reading: A Song for Bola – Episode 1

Her dad abandoned her totally and clung to his new wife…a jezebel in reality…she wasn’t maltreated…not really. But the woman was cold towards her and made her feel inferior to her half siblings. She had been one of the brightest students back in the days…but she didn’t understand tragedy perfectly and how it worked.

The only solution to sorrow was healing but she couldn’t be healed…she always saw the face of the woman anytime she was about to read…thoughts of her lovely mother would run through her mind…and slowly she fell to the bottom and became the dunce of her class.

This made her step mother rejoice greatly….her father would unleash his uncontrollable temper on her…calling her names and how she was going to be wayward like her mother. He had refused her mother’s relatives from paying her visits or even taking her with them..

During one of his outbursts he threatened not funding her tertiary education and she felt it to the bone marrow…she had endured enough over the years…the snake he married had replaced all her mother’s pictures with hers and her children in the sitting room… she didn’t wait for him to complete his rants than she had packed her things and stormed out of the house.

‘If you leave that gate…I will no longer call you my child’ he thundered angrily but she turned back and looked him in the eye…uknown to him her mother had left her lots of money with her Aunt Rebecca who’d transferred everything now she was old enough to manage her life. ‘I don’t plan on coming back’ she screamed back at him and for a moment she spotted fear in his eyes but he was too proud to beg.

She stepped out of her sports car and walked confidently into her apartment feeling happier than ever… She was going to be a star. She would sing her heart out. She was now a free woman.

…. To Be Continued.

You’ve Been Reading: A Song for Bola – Episode 1

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