Rose quickly rushed to her rescue ‘Bee are you okay’?

Bola tried to suck in the sobs that were already coming but she wasn’t fast enough ‘I can’t do this Rose, I’m going to die’.

A Song for Bola – Episode 12

‘Are you okay’? one of the contestants inquired, they’d come immediately to her aid.

‘She’s fine’ Rose smiled politely at the group. Deep down she knew the truth, her friend wasn’t fine. Why was all these happening?

‘Be strong’ Rose whispered fiercely. She could be called to sing any minute from now, if she ruined this chance, then it was all over for her.

‘I’m so afraid. Look at Fifi, dad is surely around and Vega’ She bit her lip as she mentioned his name, she wasn’t going to let Rose know about what she’d done.

‘And so? You just have to prove to him that you aren’t useless as he said you’ll be and what about Vega?’ Rose watched her friend suspiciously, Bola was hiding something.

‘Forget I mentioned him, it was a slip of the tongue.’ What if he was out there? Sitting in the audience. She couldn’t have forgotten her face, his girlfriend’s face, the one that graced his phone screen and occupied his thoughts. What a fool she’d been.

Yes, she was a fool for still giving him a space in her heart. She wished things that could never come to reality. He was so handsome but he belonged to her and he’d humiliated her in the worst way possible. But she couldn’t help herself.

‘Are you in love with him?’ Rose noticed the faraway gleam in her friend’s eyes. That would be disastrous. How could Bola have been that careless?

‘In love with who?’ Bola looked away and watched the next contestant walk towards the stage. Fifi’s voice wasn’t as intimidating as Carol’s, she felt better after listening to her half sister.

‘Don’t act funny. Well, if by any chance you’ve fallen for Vega’s charms then get over him, from the little I know of him, he’s deeply in love with some lady and he would never feel the same way about you.’ She was just being a good friend, shielding Bola from the truth. She couldn’t risk getting hurt again after the loss of her mother and her father’s rejection.

Vega Oluwatosin was a big time player, he used girls like themselves just for the pleasure of it. He was never going to feel the same way about Bola.

‘Why would you say that’? Bola rubbed her abdomen as Rose’s words cut deep within. The words echoed in her brain, her friend was unbelievably harsh. She couldn’t accept that, she couldn’t accept that bitter truth. She couldn’t deny what she felt each time she thought of him; She hated him and loved him at the same time.

You Are Reading: A Song for Bola – Episode 12

‘I can’t believe this Bola. I just hope you aren’t in love with that guy, you would be wasting your time. Now, let’s focus’ this wasn’t what they came for.

Bola was silent for a few minutes. Why was her friend sounding this way? It was okay for her to sleep with Vega but it wasn’t okay to be in love with him.

‘From what I’ve seen, Carol is the strongest competitor. You have to be careful as the judges already favor her especially Brianna who’s the chief judge’

‘Thank you’ Bola replied weakly.

She felt like a failure…. She wasn’t worthy of anything….she’d slept with so many men to survive…to scale through…. Now her heart yearned for just one man…but he only saw her for as a wayward lady… she disgusted him…

Before now, no man had ever made her feel this way, men begged for her attention….she clipped their wings like an expert hunter….no man had ever disrespected her….and she never gave her heart to any of them until he came…

She closed her eyes and reminisced about their first meeting…. She was careless…she should have known he was trouble from the moment their eyes met…

She felt trapped in that fantasy of his soft lips meeting with hers….then his hands reached for her honeyed hips as he pulled her closer to him…

‘Bola it’s your turn’ Rose shook her gently….her friend was really acting weird…she prayed she wouldn’t mess the whole show up due to her absent mindedness…

‘my god…am not ready…’ Bola panicked as the adrenaline rushed in her veins…what had she ben thinking…. Now she was going to embarrass herself on t.v.

‘calm down….remember that you’re not a failure…you are the golden voice’ Rose reassured her and embraced her warmly before pushing her towards the stage.

You Are Reading: A Song for Bola – Episode 12

‘here…I guess it’s the competition’ Ismail presented the tablet to his boss… he’d tried connecting the t.v channel that showed the golden voices competition all to no avail…

‘I hope we aren’t too late.’ Vega prayed. Carol’s message had just entered his phone, it read: ‘Darling how was my performance? The judges really like me…reply asap’

‘I don’t know….’ Ismail stammered. She was stunning in her simple dress, this was such a coincidence.

‘What’s that?’ Vega raised his head and fixed his eyes on the screen. What was she doing here?

He was about switching off the tablet when something stirred in him… Her voice.

It melted everything in him. All the anger he carried around due to his father’s proposal, all the pain he felt from his parent’s divorce… She was angelic.

He never knew Beyonce’s ‘halo’ could have such a tranquilizing effect on him. Her voice travelled into his past and healed him; she glided gently and raised her voice to the highest pitch.

He was so entrapped by this siren that he forgot Carol’s message, something bothered him… What would make such a beautiful young girl go into prostitution?

Suddenly he felt like knowing more about her but to what end?

‘Put that off’ he ordered. He didn’t have time for that, he was going to buy Carol a gift and appease her.

He couldn’t let that girl into his heart. She was nothing but a tramp, just like the one that broke his heart and something more unforgivable – his parent’s marriage.

You Are Reading: A Song for Bola – Episode 12

‘Mum, I told you, she’s going to win’ Dami applauded his half sister as she brought the song to an end.

‘Shut up’ Evelyn hissed. She hated that girl with everything in her. There was no way she was going to win this competition. So long as her daughter Fifi was part of it, she would emerge winner.

‘Where’s your sister by the way?’ The woman scanned the hall for Fifi, she hadn’t returned to where they sat since her performance.

‘You have legs mother, make use of them and I’m not your maid so don’t even look at me that way’ Dami stretched his full length and relaxed, satisfied with Bola’s performance.

‘One of these days, I’m going to place a terrible curse on you’ his mother hissed. He was so indifferent about Fifi and her, it bothered her greatly.

‘Curse me? Go ahead. I’m already cursed by having you as a mother’ he was fed up with everything, she’d ruined his life without knowing.

Years before he gained admission into the University, he’d always wanted to be an artist, a painter precisely but his mother had mocked him and together with his sister scorned him to depression.

His father hadn’t been very supportive, he had his own plans for his business empire and his only son had to take over. So he gave up his dreams all because of his selfish family.

‘How can you say that to me?’ Sweat broke on her forehead, she felt deeply hurt by Dami’s words ‘and here comes the other’ his lips twitched mockingly as his sister approached.

‘Mother, the judges are being partial. Look at the nice things they’re saying to Bola even though I sang better than that’ Fifi frowned. She hated her half sister more. Why did she always get everything?

‘It’s okay sweetheart, it’s not yet time for the finals. I assure you, you’ll win’

Dami rolled his eyes. He wasn’t going to let that happen, not on his life. They ruined his life, so he would ruin theirs

‘Mother, come off it. You know very well Fifi is no match for anyone in this competition. Why are you raising her hopes. Anyways, you two have fun; let me speak to my dear sister Bola’ he didn’t wait for their reply.

Fifi stared at her brother wide-eyed, then at her mother. Why was Dami such a kill joy?

‘Don’t worry about him, I’ll take care of that’ Evelyn’s eyes twinkled mischievously. So far, she needed to clear the way for her daughter again, there was just one obstacle – Bola Makanjuola, Alero’s daughter.

History wasn’t ever going to replay itself.

‘Mum, did you see that Carol girl? I tried talking to her but she snubbed me’ Fifi whined. The girl was good, if not better than Bola but Bola’s voice was a rare blend and it intimidated her more.

‘I saw her…’ Evelyn focused her eyes on the girl whose mother was stole everything from her

…. To Be Continued.

You’ve Been Reading: A Song for Bola – Episode 12

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