She felt numb. What was she supposed to say? But before she could reply, he walked towards her and bruised her mouth with his.

A Song for Bola – Episode 3

He pushed her away the minute they were done and she felt cheaper. ‘What was that for?’ She asked feeling a little bit hurt… No man had ever made her feel so irrelevant.

‘Was what for?’ He replied not caring to find out as he strode lazily to the bathroom. He knew girls like her… They were money hungry and only followed guys for money not love. This one was no different, he could see desperation in her eyes.

Bola lay on the bed and sulked for the first time in a very long while… Why was the guy affecting her? He wasn’t wrong in what he did. He virtually paid to use her and he was done. She felt trapped in a sea of emotions – anger, hate, shame and tinge of jealousy as a flicker of light brought her closer to his phone.

She was beautiful no doubt. Her friends had nicknamed her the ‘golden bee.’ ‘Bola’ had been shortened to ‘Bee’ but staring at the face of the lady that graced his phone made her sick.

She was so beautiful, with eyes that had different mixtures of brown ‘cat eyes’ and dimples one should die for. The lightskinned beauty was a magnificent sight to behold. Bola got curious and decided to check his messages…you know, just curious.

You Are Reading: A Song for Bola – Episode 3

Her heart melted again when she saw the name ‘Love of my life’ beside the picture of the pretty lady. She felt envious… He really loved her from what she could observe and she was suddenly interested in knowing him more. She froze as he cleared his throat behind her.

‘So because I screwed you…you feel you can snoop round my things huh?’ He didn’t look angry but his voice contained irritation.

She felt foolish as he walked closer. The sheets fell off her body and increased her humiliation. He ignored the scene and picked up his phone.

Bola felt glued to the bed… Why was he acting that way? Like she was a piece of trash. Then she braced herself… No man was ever going to disrespect her.

‘You’re so full of yourself! Why are you so rude?’ She spoke angrily as more words poured out… But he kept playing with his phone and she didn’t observe the camera was directed at her.

He smiled mischievously and gave her one look ‘and you are so full of my money.’

She paused as he walked out closed the door behind him. She had never been so humiliated in her whole life. Then suddenly the idea came to her, she had to return his money. That’s why he spoke to her that way.

Quickly she got into her dress and packed her stuff. Then she felt something hard under the sheets. Curious, she moved the sheets and unveiled a shiny box.

I don’t know what you know about jewelry but this necklace was definitely worth half a million dollars. Prince Rudeness had forgotten it. Her heart clenched… He’d definitely bought it for the pretty lady.

Bola loved necklaces and this was the most exotic she’d come across. She quickly closed her eyes and fastened it to her neck.

‘Should I keep it or keep it not?’ She chanted to the mirror. Then she shook her head; she was a call girl and many things but not a thief.

She had to find a way and return his necklace and his money… To regain her Honor.

You Are Reading: A Song for Bola – Episode 3

‘Baby’ he called out as he walked into his luxurious apartment. His personal assistant (P.A) Ismail followed closely…. His boss was in love with one of the most beautiful women he had ever laid eyes on. As a half-blooded Fulani, he had seen very beautiful women amongst his mother’s people but they were nothing compared to Carol Edoho. He knew his boss inside out… Vega Oluwatosin was deeply in love and although he played around like other men, Carol was his all.

‘Boss… I can’t find the case from the Jeweller’s.’ Ismail searched a third time, he couldn’t misplace that piece.. It was very expensive and Vega would be very upset with him.

‘What do you mean?’ He asked searching Ismail’s face obviously confused. Then he closed his eyes and banged the wall.

‘Boss, are you okay?’ Wondering what had pissed him off so suddenly.

‘I made a horrible mistake. I must have left it at the hotel room and that girl is definitely gonna take it, I know her type. Call me Rosemary.’ He paused and stared as his confused P.A.

‘I placed it in my pocket when I left for the hotel room.’ He sighed. Well, it was a lot of money and he could easily replace it but he hated disappointing Carol, she meant so much to him.

‘Sir, are you sure calling Rosemary is a good idea?’ He was quite sure the Bola girl wasn’t a thief.

‘She deserves to know about the girl she pimped to me.’ He wasn’t surprised at all, most call girls had light fingers.

‘Sir, let’s not jump into conclusions. I will speak to her myself.’ He was experienced and he knew a thief when he saw one.

Just as they were arguing, her hearty laughter filled the room. ‘Vega dear, you are back… I’m so happy, I missed you…’

He hugged her happily and they stayed that way for minutes. Ismail took that as his cue to disappear.

‘How was Turkey?’ she was referring to his company over there….

‘Very okay. I’m sorry I didn’t get you the necklace dear but guess where I’m taking you to?’ he teased…

She frowned a bit and rolled her eyes wondering what he was about to do next…

‘Palmer’s Beach’ he kissed her forehead.

She screamed and hugged him tight ‘baby I can’t wait… I love you so much!’

You Are Reading: A Song for Bola – Episode 3

Bola hadn’t been so depressed since the last fight with her father. She lay on her couch and observed the necklace closely. She hadn’t asked for this kind of life but fate was cruel and she had to survive.

The necklace shone brightly under the blue chandelier. He was so handsome and she was drawn to him the first time their eyes met but he had been very rude. She was going to return his cash and the necklace. Just then, her phone rang.

‘Hello’ she answered, the number wasn’t stored in her phone.

‘I’m calling to find out about my boss’ necklace. You were the lady in the hotel room, have you seen it?’

She chuckled softly as she remembered the face of the funny looking guy… Ismail.

‘Where can I find you?’ she asked, more determined than ever to regain her pride….

‘Come to Palmer’s Beach by 4pm’

…. To Be Continued.

You’ve Been Reading: A Song for Bola – Episode 3

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