‘Where can I find you?’ Bola asked, more determined than ever to regain her pride….

‘Come to Palmer’s Beach by 4pm’

A Song for Bola – Episode 4

Vega squeezed her hands as he stared into her beautiful eyes, listening to her stories. He was such a lucky man to have Carol for a lover.

‘So the other day, I went to Ene’s place and she gave me this form,’ she showed him the form of the Golden voices competition and continued excitedly.

‘Darling I need this real bad, it could help my music career. You know, I want you to support me.’

Vega laughed…. He always supported her. She was his queen and his songbird. ‘But Honey, you should be ready to handle critics because you will be placing yourself in the spotlight.”

She nodded confidently. She knew she had a great voice, a rare blend ofcourse and with the right choice of songs, she was going to win.

‘So when does it start?’ he winked at her, teasing her gave him much pleasure.

Rolling her sparkling eyes, she quickly flung her hair backwards, feeling like some diva queen ‘next week.’

Vega wished he hadn’t listened to Ismail. He would’ve retrieved his golden necklace from the girl at the hotel. He shook his head and wondered what drove girls to that extent of money lust.

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For no reason at all, Bola felt very excited as she wore more red on her lips accentuating their plumpness. She was going to see him again. She didn’t understand her happiness because the guy hadn’t been overly nice to her.

Still, she was thrilled. She couldn’t wait to see the look on his face as she returned his money and necklace. He was so wrong about her, she wasn’t a gold digger but a survivor and he had judged her with so much cruelty, without knowing her story.

This was all crazy she thought. Why was she trying to prove her worth? Then her phone rang….

‘It’s 4, I have been waiting.’ Ismail spoke a bit harshly. She nodded on the other end, quickly grabbed her bag and drove out.

Like always, all eyes turned as she walked into the resort. She had that effect on men and she knew it. But the rude guy hadn’t reacted that way.

She had gone with the hope of thrashing him with her tongue, to prove that she wasn’t a desperado but her heart paced faster as she stepped into the bar.

‘Hello there’ Ismail called and she walked over. But he wasn’t there… Where could he be? Her hopes were dashed.

‘Hello Ismail….where is your boss?’ She took the seat beside him while he beckoned to the waiter.

‘Let’s say he is busy… Now, let’s get to business, hand me the necklace.’ She felt her heart sink with disappointment, she wished she could see him again, quickly.

She brought out the case and the money he had given to her and handed them to Ismail.

‘What’s the money for?’ he eyed her suspiciously.

‘Your boss. I really wished I could see him.’ It sounded like a plea. Was she desperate?

‘Well if you insist, he is over there.’ Quickly, she looked towards the direction and found him staring at her. Then he looked away and kissed the woman beside him passionately.

She felt cold all over. He had seen her walk through the door and he hadn’t cared to find out what brought her here. She looked again at the lady, the exact one on his phone; she was more beautiful in person.

‘Are you okay?’ Ismail asked, not understanding the lady’s strange behavior. Why would she return the money?

Her eyes moistened. She felt sad for some reason. Why did he act like she was a piece of rag? Again she told herself she was overreacting. Her limbs felt glued to the chair. She didn’t have the confidence to walk up to him.

‘Okay, that would be all.’ She greeted Ismail and walked away quickly. She was such a big fool she thought as she drove away.

You Are Reading: A Song for Bola – Episode 4

Carol wasn’t a fool she had followed the direction of his gaze and was a bit disturbed by what she’d seen in his eyes. Vega had cheated on her severally and thought he’d covered his tracks but she didn’t mind, he was one of the richest young bachelors in the country and she was quite lucky to have him.

She loved him deeply and hoped to carry his kids too.

‘Do you know her?’ she was referring to Bola, the lady that had caused quite a stir in the bar as she walked in.

He quickly averted his eyes and whispered ‘no’. It was all the evidence she needed…Vega definitely had something to do with the lady.

But it wasn’t his first time. She had spied on him on many occasions and confronted him a few times but he was unrepentant so she had just let go of that aspect. But seeing the lady and the way he looked at her made her jealous. Why would he even stare at another that way?

She knew she was extremely beautiful but for the first time in her entire life, she felt challenged by the brown skinned girl.

She was tall and slender for one and her lips were very sensous. Her legs were elegant and she knew how to dress and kill.

For the first time, she had a rival. She was definitely going to get some information from Ismail…

‘Darling you looked worried. Have I said something wrong?’ She observed Vega for a while, he wasn’t concentrating.

‘I’m fine, it’s just stress at work.’ Lies. He knew how to tell them, he was furious with the girl that almost caused a scene. Thank heavens she hadn’t come close to where he sat. What had she been looking for?

He hated her more. Girls like her never created or gathered or built a man; given the chance, they destroyed him and he was going to teach her a lesson.

You Are Reading: A Song for Bola – Episode 4

She drove a bit fast ignoring all traffic rules. She was going crazy. She didn’t understand herself any longer. Why did she feel that way? When she had vowed never to give her heart to a man after her mother’s betrayal by her father.

He was there with his lover. He kissed her immediately his eyes met with hers and she had seen the mocking glint in them.

Why was she taking it personal? Maybe he was naturally aloof.

She picked up her phone and read the message excitedly. She had to prepare for the auditions.

‘Rosemary dear, you have to accompany me for the auditions. I’m feeling nervous.‘ She giggled excitedly. Rosemary had become the only family she had.

…. To Be Continued.

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