‘Phew’ Carol wiped her face with the back of her hand as she got off the phone. Now what next?

She had to resume rehearsals, she wanted to win this more than anything.

A Song for Bola – Episode 49

‘Who was that, honeycomb’? Aleena rose swiftly towards Brianna.

‘Oh dear, am now your honeycomb right?’ Brianna gave Aleena a quick kiss, she was so excited about Carol’s decision.

And she would do anything necessary for her to win the competition. What gave her more faith in all this was that the judges had the final say and not the fans like in many singing competitions.

‘You’re my honeycomb Brianna and I love you so much’ Aleena replied Brianna had avoided her question she observed. Maybe she was lying. She had to find out, somehow.

‘Where did she hear that?’ Brianna teased.

‘I read it from a novel love. You forgot to answer my question’ Aleena winked.

‘Oh that. It’s one of the judges from the competition, we’re resuming in a week’s time…’ Brianna lied.

‘Okay, that’s nice’ Aleena wrapped her hands over Brianna and kissed her hair.

‘So who’re you rooting for, who’s your favorite contestant?’ Brianna quickly changed the topic. Aleena acted weird most of the times and could me unreasonably jealous.

‘Uhmmm… I think I like Bola, she’s my favorite’ Aleena smiled, listening to that girl brought light to her world. Bola was a fallen angel, her voice was pure perfection.

‘And why would you vouch for her?’ Brianna’s countenance darkened, she hated that girl with everything in her.

‘Don’t you like her?’ Aleena observed the sudden change in Brianna and wondered what she’d said wrong.

‘Just answer the question dear,’ Brianna replied curtly.

‘Bee looks kind and humble for one and she reminds me of my younger sister that died five years ago. She’s very beautiful with killer lips and her voice is just outstanding. I want her to win very much, would you help her?’ Aleena pleaded.

‘Whoa, that’s not for me to decide but personally I don’t think she can make it’ Brianna pulled herself away from Brianna.

She had to act swiftly. She had to call a meeting with the judges and tell them of her plans of choosing Carol.

She would speak to Qadri first, she trusted him better than Miss Mo.

‘Hmmmmm is there something you aren’t telling me Brianna?’ Aleena had felt the anger in her lover’s voice. Did she know Bee personally?

‘Let’s just say she doesn’t deserve to win’

She entered the bathroom without waiting for Aleena’s reply.

You Are Reading: A Song for Bola – Episode 49

He felt terrible after walking out on his dad angrily, maybe he was too hard on the old man but he deserved it.

He was still shocked that Bola was related to Dami and Fifi. Now, he missed her more than ever, he’d been such a fool.

He looked at his phone and thought of calling her and apologizing for the way he’d left. He’d been foolish.

He needed advice seriously. His dad was bent on frustrating him but that wasn’t ever going to happen.

He needed answers and he needed them fast. He feared the worst as his thoughts swirled within…what crime had Carol possibly committed?

‘oh my god….’ No, Carol wasn’t like that…he’d known her for years and she hadn’t done anything to raise his suspicions….

He was just being crazy….just because one of his girlfriends had an affair with the lion didn’t mean Carol could do such a thing…

No, his Carol was sweet and had a beautiful soul…she couldn’t hurt him like that…

He needed to talk to someone…. He needed to clear his head and he knew the right place to go….

Femi had a way with words and he was sure he would have something good to say…he really needed advice….

What if Carol hadn’t done anything bad? What if she deserved him and he her? What if the Lion was just creating the impression that she’d done something bad just to get him to take his mind off of her….

He had to speak to Femi as quickly as possible….

Quickly he pulled out his phone and dialed his friend’s number….

‘pick up man…..’ Vega was getting impatient….

‘hey dude….watsup? somebody missed me’? Femi’s baritone glided through the phone….

‘you can say that again….i really need to speak to you brother…I’m in trouble….’ Vega replied….

‘mehn! Dis one u dey call me brother…e mean say e serious….luckily am home….so hurry, would be waiting…’

‘thanks Femi…see you soon

You Are Reading: A Song for Bola – Episode 49

‘So what brings my dearest friend Vega to my humble abode’? Femi snapped his fingers and one of the maids came running with a tray of orange juice and cookies….

‘Dude, was that necessary’? Vega ignored his friend., he wasn’t here to eat. Evelyn Makanjuoala had offered him enough.

He just wanted to talk, to let out his mind and feel better.

‘You were right, you were right about her’ Vega paused.

‘About who? Try specifics’ Femi rolled his eyes.

‘By the way Victor travelled again with his beautiful wife Ada whom I almost straffed in your absence at SAVORY’ Femi informed Vega.

‘God! You’re really terrible, wife snatcher’ Vega chuckled softly.

‘So go on….’ Femi urged him.

‘Bola, the girl at the club. Brownskinned with hot lips, remember?’ Vega tried to describe.

‘Sure, who could forget such cute lips? Angelina Jolie of Nigeria, we even exchanged numbers. I think she likes me’ Femi winked hoping to get his friend jealous.

His friend had fallen for this girl but had refused to acknowledge his feelings.

‘Hey, calm down. Hear me out first’ he knew when Femi was bluffing.

‘The guy she walked in with is actually her younger brother…half brother….’ Vega explained…

‘I told you bro…the resemblance was there…though love blinded your eyes…am glad you can now see…so Is that what you came to tell me’?

‘if you could shut up for a minute…I’ll be done talking’ Vega rubbed his head….

‘so…dad and I went to visit the girl he’d arranged for me and guess what? She turns out to be Bola’s half sister…unbelievable right’?

‘wait…what do you mean? The girl you’re in love with would turn out to be you sister in-law…does your dad know you’re in love with the other sister’? Femi teased….

Vega didn’t reply and he knew it was time to get serious….

‘so where does Carol stand in all of this….does she know of the lion’s plan’? Femi inquired…

‘that’s why am here…am so confused….i haven’t told her anything yet….’ Vega sighed….

‘good….let’s start from somewhere…am not saying you should tell her….but you need to know the reason your father doesn’t approve of her…and you need to be sincere with yourself…do you truly love her? What would you do if after your investigation she turns out innocent? Would you be ready to fight for Carol? Let’s begin with her….’ Femi suggested…

‘I dunno if what I’ve always felt for her is love….because with Bola…when we…uhmmm…I just feel this peace…though I don’t know much about her……and her voice….it’s just beautiful…’…

‘hmmm Vega…you need to make a decision…you need to be sure of what you want….but first talk to Carol…just pretend like you heard something gory about her….see if she is hiding anything….that’s what I suggest for now…when you’re done…we sort the chicks out…’

‘wow…you’re a good shrink…’ Vega relaxed on the sofa…he felt better….

Though asking Carol questions may be difficult, he ahd to do it…his father was hiding something….

‘so tell me about your bride Fikayo….is she as hot as her sister? Guy I need hot girls…am so bored down here….’ Femi groaned….

‘Fikayo? I can’t see myself getting married to her…she just doesn’t suit me…’ Vega snorted…he’d felt embarrassed the way she’d fawned over him and more disappointed by the way her mother had encouraged her….

‘hahahha…but does she have a good shape? Like a big fat a*ss?’ Femi winked….

‘you my friend, has the most dirty mind’

…. To Be Continued

You’ve Been Reading: A Song for Bola – Episode 49

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