‘Rosemary dear, you have to accompany me for the auditions. I’m feeling nervous.‘ Bola giggled excitedly. Rosemary had become the only family she had.

A Song for Bola – Episode 5

Ismail explained carefully to his boss about what had transpired between himself and Bola as gently as possible as Vega was already fuming.

‘She almost ruined my date with Carol. I am even being suspected now. Knowing Carol very well, she’s going to investigate’

‘I’m sorry boss but that was the only was she could return the necklace. I’m sorry it had to be in the same venue as your Date. She also said I should give you this,’ he handed over the money.

Vega was confused…. ‘Why would she return it?’ Her type loved money more than any other thing in the world. Daughters of greed, he called them.

‘I was about asking you that sir. She wanted seeing you but you were busy.’

Vega didn’t understand her at all. What was she trying to do? Prove she was different from the rest of the girls he’d slept with? That she didn’t do this for money?

‘She is a bigger fool than I thought. Ismail hand me her number, I think I have figured out her game.’

Ismail didn’t understood his boss at times, what game was he talking about?

You Are Reading: A Song for Bola – Episode 5

She rehearsed about thirteen songs for the audition, standing by the mirror. But each time she opened her mouth to sing, it was quite confusing. She dressed up quickly while waiting for her friend Rosemary to pick her.

‘Babes how you doing, hope you are ready?’ Rose soon arrived and eyed her friend closely to be sure she was well dressed for the audition.

‘Have this’ she applied more lipstick to Bola’s lips.

Bola held her hand to stop her from applying more. ‘Easy babes, you know it’s my first time on tv. I wanna look decent o’ Bola wiped her lips off completely not wanting to have any semblance to an overripe tomato.

They quickly got into the car and headed straight to Sunshine Hall where most parts of the competition would take place.

‘So what song shall you sing’ Rosemary teased, praying her friend would be successful.

‘Truthfully, I have no idea. So many songs keep popping into my head, from Beyonce to Rihanna, Whitney, Britney, Tiwa and many others.’ She really wished she wasn’t so indecisive.

‘You know what…Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Think of a song that brings a smile to your face, that gives you hope for a brighter day, and that’s all,’ she encouraged.

Bola was surprised at her friend’s advice, ‘I never knew you could pass for a motivational speaker. Girl, that was hot!’ They both laughed.

‘But seriously, you should try it and by the way, how was your runs with Vega?’ She paused as she noticed the sad expression her friend wore.

Quickly she slowed down and parked. ‘Did he hurt you?’ she asked, wondering what had happened.

But Bola looked away…. She couldn’t talk about it. She was feeling funny thinking about him most of the time. She hadn’t bargained for this.

‘Talk to me Bee, what is it? Did Vega do anything against your consent?’

‘No I’m fine, it’s just that he treated me poorly like some cheap prostitute. I even had to return his money.’ She fiddled with her fingers as she explained. Yes, Vega that was his name, had objectified her but she couldn’t stop thinking about him, in a way she had never thought of any man.

Rose was silent for a while. She had never seen her friend in this mood before. Who did Vega think he was? To make her friend have such a poor self image. ‘I’m going to deal with him, just concentrate on your audition.’

‘No, Rose let him be. After all, he had paid for the service.’

She was more stunned than ever. Bola wasn’t the forgiving type, she virtually disowned her own father and here she was pleading the cause of Vega. She hoped she was imagining it because the girl sitting beside her was already tripping for a guy who cared less about her existence.

You Are Reading: A Song for Bola – Episode 5

‘So tell me more about him?’ She asked immediately as euphoria creeped up her spine.

‘What for? Let’s focus on getting you to this competition’

With that said, the topic was dropped and they rode silently till they came to the place… it wasn’t a child’s joke. Hundreds of young men and women sprawled across the whole arena.

Bola felt her stomach rumble from anxiety, the crowd was something else. ‘Let’s get you a number’ Rose called and she followed suit.

Then her phone rang. She picked quickly trying to distract herself from whoever was calling.

‘Hello’ the seductive drawl of the strangely familiar voice called.

‘Who am I speaking with?’ she rolled her eyes while waiting under a shade for Rose’s return…

‘It’s Vega Oluwatosin, the guy from the other day. I am sorry for the way I treated you, I don’t know what came over me. Please let’s have a date and I have a confession to make… I have been thinking about you lately and I don’t know if you feel the same way.’

This was too good to be true, she felt like dancing azonto, ‘Vega seriously…no problem would call you when am less busy’ she replied excitedly.

Vega was her goodluck charm, he had just been the right motivation she needed.

Rose returned with the number and met her friend all smiles ‘What happened to you?’ wondering at the sudden change in mood.

‘Vega happened’ she almost screamed it. Yes! Vega was the reason she was going to sing this song ‘All of You’ by John Legend…

I’m sure most of you know this song, Let’s wish her goodluck.


He smiled mischievously as he dropped the phone. He was going to play the game wholeheartedly. He stared at the picture of her semi nude form and chuckled softly.

‘Baby, I’m going to be late for the audition, I can’t seem to find my phone, maybe I should use yours’

‘I’m sorry Carol, I’m quite busy with mine. Just take your time or you could check that on our return’

She felt bad whenever she was turned down. This time she was curious… He was hiding something and she was going to get it.

…. To Be Continued.

You’ve Been Reading: A Song for Bola – Episode 4

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