She felt bad whenever she was turned down. This time she was curious… He was hiding something and she was going to get it.

A Song for Bola – Episode 6

‘It’s your turn, remember what I told you… Take a deep breath,’ her friend encouraged as she gingerly walked into the hall.

There were three judges: Two men and a lady. They were all celebrities. She felt awed as she stood on stage before them.

Miss Mo, a trained dancer; Brianna, a popular Rnb singer; and Qadri, Nigeria’s most talented artiste.

‘So tell us a little about yourself,’ Miss Mo was the first to speak. She was nervous at first but the smile of this gorgeous lady put her at ease. From what she’d learnt from previous contestants, Brianna was the most difficult to please.

‘I am Bola Makanjuola a.k.a ‘Bee baby’ a Student of the University of Benin. I’m 24 years old and am here to sing’ she smiled confidently.

‘And what song would that be?’ Brianna asked, looking a bit indifferent as she flipped through some files.

‘All of you by John Legend.’ She was a bit shaken by the woman’s harsh attitude. Meanwhile, Qadri remained silent.

She took a deep breath and unleashed the light inside of her; then she remembered his voice again, the man that hurt her mother and never treated her like his own screaming, ‘you will never amount to anything!’

But it was too late. She had missed a note. She gently adjusted and glided with the melody.

Qadri was the first to clap and Miss Mo joined. She felt awed and prayed she got picked. Brianna was indifferent, she just stared blankly at the girl who she had come to abhor in the few minutes they had met. There was something about her, like they had met before…

‘That was such a beautiful performance darling, I love your voice but be careful next time, you almost flattened the song. I am going to say ‘yes’, would like to see you come back for this competition’ Qadri smiled as he handed her a card as a symbol of her acceptance.

‘You have a golden voice, this competition is meant for people like you and you are very pretty. Would love to hear you next time Bola.’ Miss Mo clapped excitedly.

‘That was such a wrong song for your kind of voice. You disappointed me and John Legend but I believe there is room for improvement. I want to see you do better so ‘yes.’ Brianna spoke sternly, all frowns and no smile.

Bola smiled happily as she walked away but something kept tugging at her fragile heart… Why was Brianna was so harsh? Yes, the rumors were true but it felt like Brianna hated her for personal reasons she didn’t understand.

‘Bee, how was it?’ Rose was all over her friend, wanting to hear details of her performance but Bola was too excited to reply. She just hugged her friend as tears of joy flowed down her cheeks.

‘It was perfect! Thank you for coming. Next up, twenty of us would be selected then down to ten and the top 5. You really need to pray for me.’ She hadn’t been this happy in a long time but the audition wasn’t the only reason for her happiness, she had a date with Vega later.

You Are Reading: A Song for Bola – Episode 6

Carol waited angrily while others kept going in and out with long faces. She came here to win and that was all she would do.

Her boyfriend had been acting weird, he was up to something mischievous and she was going to find out. She hated being played.

She adjusted her hairband and smacked her lips as she strode into the hall confidently.

The judges were first of all captivated by her beauty then quickly remembered it wasn’t a beauty pageant.

Brianna was the first to speak, obviously taken to this beauty on stage. It was rare for her to admire someone but she felt a star when she saw one.

‘What’s your name and where are you from?’ She smiled at Carol, leaving the other judges astonished knowing her high and mighty attitude.

‘I’m Carol Edoho from Cross River state but I stay here in Lagos. I am here to sing ‘Hello’ by Adele.’

The judges settled down, relaxing in their foamy chairs. This beauty had it in her…. And if care wasn’t taken, she was going to be the ‘Golden voice’ of the year.

For moments, Carol thought she had messed up the song because none of the judges made any comment after she dropped the mic.

‘I must say Carol, I am awed. You are the best we’ve seen so far and I’m sure you have what it takes to win this.’ Brianna spoke with faith. If she wasn’t on television, she would’ve cried as the song was so touching.

‘Thank you judges’ Carol smiled obviously excited. For the harsh Brianna to give her such praises… it meant the world was going to bow at her feet someday.

She couldn’t wait to share this piece of news with Vega, he had always supported her from day one and she knew he was going to do everything possible for her to win.

But his number wasn’t going through… Where could he be?

You Are Reading: A Song for Bola – Episode 6

‘Boss, I wish you’d let me in on what exactly you are planning.’ Ismail asked as they waited for the girl to arrive.

Vega ignored him and continued typing on his phone. He was going to deal with her, he could read her type even when his eyes were closed.

Such girls were only after a man’s pocket and nothing more. Foolishly, she had fallen for his bait and he would reduce her to nothing.

‘She is here Boss….’ Ismail trailed off as Bola walked closer.

She was beautiful. Well, his boss’ girlfriend was more beautiful but Bola was a jewel who glowed in the darkest of rooms, like this one that was dim.

‘Hello Darling’ Vega rose and pulled her into his arms. Ismail became more confused, what was going on? One minute he acted like he hated her and the next he hugged her.

‘I will be in the car if you need me.’ he spoke gently and gave them some space.

Vega felt amused by the excitement in her voice. Her type could act extremely well. Here she was acting like a girl in love but in reality she was after his bank account.

‘So sweetheart, how was your day? What would you have?’ he asked sweetly.

‘Just a can of Smirnoff, I’m okay with that. I’m so happy to see you again, why did you treat me so harshly the other day?’ She asked. She couldn’t believe her luck; he felt the same way too. But she was too fast… What would happen to his girlfriend?

‘I’m sorry love. Since the first day I set my eyes on you, I have been unable to focus even in my relationship,’ that part was true.

They spoke for more minutes before he kissed her and she responded. Her lips were unbelievably soft… ‘Let’s get a room’ he offered

She didn’t pause to think. Where would this lead her? She couldn’t… Vega was all she needed in her life. Although they hadn’t known for long, she felt it, he was her soulmate.

Getting a room wasn’t a problem, afterall he had taken time to ensure his plans came to motion. She threw her hands happily around him as he laid her on the bed.

Few minutes passed as they both reached the clouds. It was the most ecstatic experience she ever had. She turned and kissed the man beside her but he quickly pushed her away.

‘What’s wrong?’ She quickly asked but he ignored and quickly got into his clothes leaving her dumfounded.

‘Now to answer your question… Take a look at this’ he showed her the picture on his phone.

‘Oh my god! Vega what have I done to deserve this?’ She cried as she stared at the picture; she was halfnaked and looked terrible.

‘I know your game. You returned those things so I would see you in a different light, then I apologize and we get closer and you succeed in ruining my relationship with Carol. Stay away from me! I love Carol too much to let a tramp like you into my life. If you don’t, I will release this photo to all social tabloids. I hope I am clear!’ He thundered and stormed out of the room.

Bola was so shocked. He had just used her thoroughly and called her ‘a tramp’, she was going to be sick.

…. To Be Continued.

You’ve Been Reading: A Song for Bola – Episode 6

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