This is a beautiful idea! The South Africa government, has introduced driving lessons into their school curriculum as a subject to be taught in a bid to reduce the overwhelming accident rate in the country.

 The Road Traffic Infringement Agency and the Department of Basic Education made the announcement that driving lessons will soon be included in the SA school curriculum.

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This comes after 1714 deaths were recorded over the 2016/17 festive season from SA roads.
According to Buzz SA, the two departments will extend driving lessons into high school curriculum and the Soshanguve East Secondary School to guard them on driving.

South Africa Government includes driving lessons into school curriculum

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Making the announcement, the Minister of Transportation, Dipuo Peters said: “We also have the partnership with the Department of Basic Education to ensure the inclusion of road safety in the curriculum and the training of teachers.

“This essentially entails different aspects of road safety awareness which are intended to adequately skill new drivers.”



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