South African Lion named ‘Sylvester’ is on the loose again


Sylvester; South African Lion on the loose again

Looks like this lion is very ‘outgoing’ after all. The South African National Parks (SANParks) has revealed that a lion called “Sylvester” has escaped from his game reserve and is wandering a sparsely-populated mountain region in the country. The big cat which has previously been on the loose for three weeks last year is believed to have broken out by crawling under an electric fence after heavy rains washed the the earth from underneath the fence.

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According to a spokeswoman from SANParks, Fayroush Ludick, they only realized the lion was on the loose in the early hours of Tuesday.

“We realised early yesterday (Tuesday) morning when they checked all the satellite tracking collars that he had escaped. We are awaiting a helicopter to begin an aerial search,” she said.

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She further said that even though the chances of the lion attacking a human being were slim, the people shouldn’t approach it should they come across it. The animal nicknamed Sylvester went on the loose last year June and killed multiple sheep. It wandered as far as 300 kms (180 miles) before he was found taking a nap and was airlifted from the Nuweveld Mountains, 5,800 feet (1,750 metres) above sea level.

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“It’s the very same lion that escaped last year. I think we should change his name to Houdini (Famous Hungarian-American illusionist and escape artist). We anticipate this operation will be a lot quicker because he is wearing a tracking collar,” she concluded.



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