It’s hard to watch the news these days as the first thing that graces your eyes is the gory sight of fellow humans slaughtered like rams or flesh scattered all over the place. One would almost think he’s in an abattoir.

There’s no value placed on the lives of humans anymore. A group of people just wake up and decide to wipe out an entire religion and no one seems to care.

The latest of such is a group in the southern part of Kaduna. These people feel the land belongs to them, however, it has been stained by infidels, hence it must be purged. Therefore, they start killing people who are not of their faith.

They walk majestically into a town, kill almost everyone who is not of their faith and take over the town. And guess what… no one stops them!

Day in day out, we hear of how fellow humans die in hundreds and even thousands.

As the typical Nigerians that we are, we immediately start the blame game, majority blame the governor of the state, Governor Nasir El-Rufai, and of course, the man makes it pretty easy based on all his comments and the fact that he hasn’t so far taken any cogent action.

First, he tried covering the crisis up by saying that there was no killing in Kaduna even when it was glaring that people are being killed daily. And when it was no longer possible to hide the obvious, the governor said that the state had paid off those killing in the state. Wait a minute… he paid them to stop killing? Now I’m wondering, why didn’t he arrest and prosecute these people since he knew where they were and knew that they were the ones killing? Hmmm!

Some others blame president Buhari. I mean, we all know that since his emergence as president, herdsmen in the north have been on a killing spree, probably because their brother was the president and they felt they couldn’t be touched and they were right. We get that it’s not easy to give your brother up for death but when he becomes a cankerworm eating deep into the peace of the nation, he should be yanked off! When it comes to human lives, no one should be spared.

They went on and on killing people even in the Eastern part of Nigeria. I strongly believe that we are in the southern Kaduna mess now because the herdsmen were not checked. If a number of the herdsmen had been prosecuted, it would have sent a strong message to others, telling them human life was nothing to mess with. But because the herdsmen were spared, other groups formed in Southern Kaduna and started killing Christians. And our president has not been able to do a thing about it.

But I blame the people. Yes, the Christians in southern Kaduna are responsible for their own woes. Think about it this way… someone is approaching you with a sword, you know he is coming to kill you and you just throw your hands up in the air and let him do it just because you are a Christian? That is pure madness.

A lot of people have kept quiet because they think this is the persecution the bible talks about. My people, what is happening is no form of persecution, it’s not a trial from the Lord, it’s a group of people trying to wipe out your entire religion, how dare you sit back and watch!

Just so you know, these people are not ready to stop until their agenda is achieved. Let’s open our eyes a bit, shall we?

Many people in Kaduna and other places around the country and even around the world are now widows, many more orphans because some people think they own power.

Over 20,000 people in Kaduna are dead and yet no one has been prosecuted, not even one, but during Rivers state election, 5 people died and now there is a panel of enquiry.

Up until now, not one Boko Haram member has been prosecuted, and when one was caught, we heard he escaped. A female preacher was murdered in Abuja and no one was prosecuted for it. Everyone arrested was freed due to lack of evidence. Yet Biafran agitators are still in prison, they haven’t escaped.

What does this tell you? No one is fighting for you, the Government cannot protect you. As a matter of fact, they are not interested in you and how many more people of your faith are wiped out.

This means that we are tasked with defending ourselves. Christians have been quiet for too long… It’s high time we stood up for ourselves else we all get wiped out. Being Christians doesn’t make us meat for slaughter, if they can kill and get away with it, then we also should be able to defend ourselves.

Killing is never justified but defending yourself is wisdom, and if someone dies in the process, pray for his soul.

Even the bible ‘Luke 22: 36’ says “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.’

Jesus was speaking to his disciples asking them to go on evangelism with a sword. My brother is a sword for skipping… No, It’s for protection.

This is the time to take back your land, else everyone who has died would have died for nothing. Biko, pick up your sword and do as the Lord has commandeth.


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