Spa treats for Christmas


Spa treats for Christmas (1)

As a season to give, holiday periods are one of the best times to treat yourself and what better treat than a spa treat! This can be done in the spa or right in the comfort of your home.

Survey has shown us at DD that women who teat themselves at festive seasons are confident and have a happy disposition throughout the season, feeling great inside out. This also reflects in the way they interact with others and in the way they give gifts. Other studies reveal that men who have similar treats also splash out generously in gifting. So you better start planning one for Le boo so you can be sure of some solid gifts this season #winks

Wow your Christmas guest with your buffed glowing skin, facials and makeup to turn heads for.
You are not the only one to enjoy this remarkable experience though… Give a gift certificate to your loved ones (Just make sure they are not like my boss who has kept the very expensive spa gift certificate I gave him for his birthday in his bag for almost 6 months now!). Preferably, take time out and treat your loved ones to your favorite spa experience this season.. Go with them. Make this Christmas one to remember!

Spa treats for Christmas (2)


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