We all know that red lipstick is the real deal, and a red pout is the quintessential sexy look. This irreplaceable item has been a staple in our makeup bags since time immemorial. A swipe of it can instantly glam you up, and yes, it’s also flattering. If you believe in the power of red lipstick, you should know that the way it looks on you totally depends on how you apply it.

This is our handy guide to wearing red lipstick with utter perfection and pulling it off like the boss that you are!

Tutorial – How To Wear Red Lipstick Perfectly

Here are the essentials that you need before you start applying your lipstick.

What You Need
  • Lip balm
  • Red lipstick
  • Lip liner pencil
  • Lip brush
  • Concealer
  • Face powder
  • Tissues

Step By Step Tutorial With Pictures

Follow these simple steps to achieve the perfect, most luscious red pout.

Step 1: Prep Your Lips

Step 1 Prep Your Lips

Apply a nourishing lip balm, preferably before you start doing your makeup, so it has enough time to get absorbed into your skin.

Step 2: Blot Away The Lip Balm

Step 2 Blot Away The Lip Balm

Do not go in with your lipstick directly after prepping your lips. Instead, use a tissue to blot away the lip balm. Next, apply a light layer of powder on your lips with a brush to create a nice and dry canvas for your lipstick to adhere to.

Step 3: Apply The Lipstick

Step 3 Apply The Lipstick

Apply lipstick before you apply your lip liner. Use a lip brush to really work the formula into your lips.

Step 4: Time For Your Lip Pencil

Step 4 Time For Your Lip Pencil

Use a lip pencil in a shade that matches your red lipstick to define the edges and correct any unevenness or asymmetry on the lips.

Step 5: Blot Your Lips

Step 5 Blot Your Lips

Take one ply of tissue paper and press it against your lips to absorb any excess oils and then reapply another light layer of your lipstick.

Step 6: Clean Up

Step 6 Clean Up

Use an angular brush with a little bit of concealer on it to clean up and sharpen the edges of your lips. Finally, take a brush and dip it in some face powder. Use it to powder the skin right along the edges of your lips.

This will help absorb any excess oils in the area, preventing the lipstick from melting and bleeding.

Step 7: Check For Lipstick On Your Teeth

Step 7 Check For Lipstick On Your Teeth

When wearing red lipstick, we make the common mistake of not checking for stains on our teeth. Make sure you do a quick check before stepping out.

And you’re all set!


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