Are you intrigued by the pretty nail art models you see around the web from time to time? You feel like you want to give them a try but you’re afraid the results will be too flashy? If you opt for a salon manicure, you may indeed end up with a model so complicated and glittery that it looks much too artificial. If you’re no very used to nail designs, this flashiness may end up making you feel out of place, overdressed and uncomfortable.

Therefore, we recommend you to start exploring more nail art with some very simple and classy patterns which you can make yourself, at home, with the help of only a starter kit and a minimal number of nail polish colours. Basically, if you already have a classic red, a green and maybe a white in your nail polish collection, it’s enough to start.

Step by step tutorial to begin nail art with some simple patterns
Photo credit: pinterest

Step 1. Invest in a starter kit. You can find one of these online for very low prices, usually. You need to look for something with nail polish pens or crayons, or something that can apply your nail polish in a thin line, like a pencil.

Step 2. Think of how you want your nails to look. You can start with a cute ladybug pattern, for example, like in our first picture here. You need to decide what colour you need to use for a base and what colours you will need to draw above. Article_1_Picture 3

Step 3. For this ladybug pattern, you will need a basic red nail polish applied as a base. So apply your usual red polish all over the nails’ surface and wait for it to dry. Then, pick up the black nail polish pen and draw a little ladybug onto each fingernail. If you have a white nail polish pen, also make two little dots for eyes (see Picture 2).

Step 4. Wait for the whole thing to dry up again, then apply a clear top coat to protect the pattern from chipping or smudging. After the top coat dries as well, you’re good to go.Article_1_Picture 1

Step 5. After you get more experienced with this nail pattern and feel confident enough in drawing it, then it’s time to experiment more. Think about how you can vary the same theme on your nails, making them not all alike, or asymmetric and so on. See our third picture example for an idea of variation, if we maintain the same ladybug theme for explanatory purposes.


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