Hey ladies come close we need to talk. Have you seen some ladies maybe at an event or in the mall with their bra straps all over the place? Sometimes it’s so bad, we need to literally walk up to them and tell them or even assist them put it back into their blouse or dress.

Please note this is not in any way a fashion trend even if you match the colour of your bra to the colour of your outfit. Lol. There are different ways to make sure your straps ain’t going crazy. You either wear a strapless bra or use a transparent bra strap ( some people have made this tacky too).
My gist with you today is actually to bring solution and it is one you probably have not heard or thought about. It’s wearing no bra at all. Calm down. I am just kidding. I am certain you were like, what?!?! Lol. Ok! Let me get serious. Its your own “Do it yourself” bra strap concealer.

This clever clothing trick not only keeps your bra strap concealed, but also keeps your wide neck shirts from falling off your shoulder. Smart! All it takes are a few thin strips of fabric and sew-on press studs. With this, you don’t have to worry about a stranger walking up to you to fix your bra straps. It’s inexpensive and easy to achieve. I do hope you would not only try it out but also share the little trick with your friends



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