lol 2

Hehehehehe. It’s amusing the kind of things people research into…

A new Facebook study shows that “LOL” is going into extinction. Drawing Inspiration from an article in The New Yorker titled ‘Hahaha vs Hehehe’, Facebook decided to zoom in on ‘e-laughing’ and study change in patterns.


The study took up the analysis of posts in the last week of May and discovered that the most common laugh is ‘haha’, followed by various emoji and ‘hehe’

Based on the posts that were looked at, about 15 per cent of people who commented or posted laughed in some way. 51% used ‘Haha’ while 33% used emojis leaving 13% of “Hehe” users. A tiny 2% used the once famous ‘lol’,

The study however, did not look at direct messages, which could be where most people would e-laugh. I still stand by a specie of LOL though, lololololol.


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