Sudanese christian woman sentenced for wearing trousers


unnamed (11)

Haaaa! Thank goodness the likes of them are not GOD! They’d have condemned practically everybody.

A 19-year-old Sudanese Christian woman is to endure 20 painful lashes having been convicted of the crime of “indecent dress” for wearing trousers on the way home from a church service.

Fardos al-Toum, who is one of 12 Christian women who were arrested on June 25 for wearing trousers and skirts while on their way home from a Baptist church function in Khartoum, was the first of the young women to be tried on July 6 on charges of indecent dressing. Along with a 500-pound fine which was paid by rights activists, CNN reports that her lawyer says she has been ordered to receive a punishment of 20 lashes.

Following their arrest, the young women who are thought to range in age from 17 to 23, were brought to the police station where two of them were freed while the other 10 were forced to strip. They remained detained for over 24 hours and were charged with indecent dressing. Muhamad Mustafa, the lawyer representing the accused women, reportedly filed an appeal of al-Toum’s sentencing. Although the other young women were similarly dressed, they were spared from such brutal sentencing. Four other women were fined, while four were cleared of charges. One is still awaiting trial.



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