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DavinaDiaries Fiction: Olanma Part 2 Ep 4

At first, her movement was staggering because she was greatly intoxicated by the new power that she had absorbed. It was a dark power,...

DavinaDiaries Fiction: Olanma Part 2 Ep 1

The god of the air guffawed as he stared at the images in the mirror. It was only a matter of time before Ezemiri...

DavinaDiaries Fiction: Olanma Ep 11

She rose to her feet and clutched the black book tightly. “I will sir, thank you.” As Sarah strolled out, she realized the man wasn’t as...

DavinaDiaries Fiction: Olanma Ep 9

Ala pulled in a deep breath, “That isn’t Olamma. Adaugo’s child is a different soul, but she came in Olamma’s form. The times had...

DavinaDiaries Fiction: Olanma Ep 7

Angel was surprised, “Don’t tell me you’re sleeping? Trust me, you don’t want to get into this man’s trap.” She proceeded to shake Sarah,...

DavinaDiaries Fiction: Olanma Ep 6

Adaugo smiled as she was offered the child. “You have your father’s eyes, beautiful one.” She dropped a kiss on the baby’s forehead. “You must give...

DavinaDiaries Fiction: Olanma Ep 2

Adaugo fell to the ground and threw her hands into the air. Tears mixed with sand; sweat mated with anguish. What crime had she...

DavinaDiaries Fiction: Olanma Ep 1

In the beginning, there were no humans until the God of the heavens, Chukwu, in conglomeration with lesser gods, decided to create a new...

Otondo Episode 8 – The long walk home

He wanted to tell her that he came but lost his nerve when he saw her with Femi. He was certain that would paint him as a coward. He didn’t want to tell a lie and hoped the truth would help him achieve his objective, so he broke all the rules and spoke from his heart.

Otondo Episode 7 – Dark Clouds

here was sound of siren blasting towards the health bay, an ambulance was approaching. The paramedics entered and a few minutes later came out with the lifeless body of Abraham. Apparently, his liver had erupted. Despite his health challenge he was an unrepentant alcoholic but on that day, his liver couldn’t take it anymore.

Otondo Episode 6 – Unmasked

He was ready to shoot for a kill. He had convinced himself that any man that could cheat on Edidiong didn’t deserve her. He hated the morale of Femi. Probably he was jealous because Femi was all the things he wasn’t but he was sure he could silence Femi forever.

Otondo Episode 5 – Kitchen Duty

charles was now very sure that the voice was familiar but he couldn’t place a face to the voice so he walked towards the entrance of the Orientation Broadcasting studio (OBS) with the hope that the person that made the announcement would step out of the studio.

Otondo Episode 1 – The Departure

He quickly put his hand into his pocket hoping to “oppress” the lady with his Blackberry phone. He pulled out his Z10 and as he tried to unlock the phone, a call came through on her cell phone. She reached for her hand bag and pulled out a Blackberry Porsche. He wasn’t even aware that that model of blackberry was already in the country.

Never Love a Stranger – The Final Episode

Paul then shouted out. “God forgive me, forgive me and save me from the hands of the devil. I accept Christ as the Lord and savior of my life” As he finished uttering  these words  the seizure stopped instantly and he came to himself. He began crying and held Chantal’s leg.

Davina Diaries Fiction: Dance of the Virgin S2- Eps Sixteen

‘I served them today so I heard them talking about it. They do not know that I understand their language. They framed the King’s...

Never Love a Stranger – Episode 11

As Paul made to catch him, Sule ran off the road into a deep ditch by the side of the road. He didn’t see the ditch in front of him as the road was dark. He fell down real hard hitting his head on the pavement.

Never Love a Stranger – Episode 10

They then grabbed him and tried holding and tying him down. Jonah seemed to have garnered super human strength. He was too strong for them. He forced his way out of their hands and grabbed a knife. Now he started to threaten them with the knife and made to stab a few of them.

Davina Diaries Fiction: Dance of the Virgin S2- Eps Fourteen

The elders screamed and murmured, never had they seen a thing like that. ‘Silence!’ Roka took charge. Davina Diaries Fiction: Dance of the Virgin S2- Eps...

Davina Diaries Fiction: Dance of the Virgin S2- Eps Twelve

‘We must wait Zabaccha, this is a tricky game. Nai’muri now knows we hate her. She knows that we would do anything to win...

Never Love a Stranger – Episode 7

Paul couldn’t believe what Sule had just said. It came as a blow to the depths of his belly and wanted to believe Sule was lying. He knew deep within him that it was all real. He broke down as Sule spoke.  Memories of the numerous ladies he had slept with began coming back to him. The thought that their death and even his mother’s condition were all linked to his craving for money.