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Davina Diaries Fiction: Blue Valley Ep.14

She needed to find answers, what is the “Sapiens”? What is the fourth element of the destroying magic? ‘What other version is there’? Champagne...

Davina Diaries Fiction: A Bride For November Episode 8

He clenched his fists as he listened to his friend; beads of sweat gathered in his brows as he waited silently to pour out all the anger and frustration that the return of Damola Oluwatosin was going to cause him.

Davina Diaries Book Fiction: God Is Not Here – An excerpt

I'm feeling very cold, please cover me up” Alero pleaded in a trembling voice. The two men closest to her exchanged worried glances. She was shaking violently and it was clear she was in a bad way. Her body was burning up and they had been sponging her almost nonstop for the past two hours. The fever did not seem to be abating at all.

Davina Diaries Fiction: Baby Surprise S1- Eps Sixteen

Tears streamed down his face as he caressed her face, it was his fault that she was on his bed. Maybe, if he had been nice to her, had watched over her, she wouldn’t have passed out.

Davina Diaries Fiction: A Bride For November Episode 4

That whore called Mmayen came to my house and insulted me with her friend all because you got her pregnant. I am disappointed in you. If you plan on bringing that low life into our family, then you have failed’ Iris rage poured hotly on her son like acid rain.