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Causes, symptoms, treatment, and prevention of short-term memory loss

Memory loss is an inevitable part of ageing. If you tend to forget things that took place just a few hours back, chances are that you could be experiencing short-term memory loss.

All You Need To Know About Laser Skin Tightening And How...

For some time now, we’ve been doing some research on the various forms of skin care and that includes some more intrusive techniques such as laser treatments.

Beauty DIY: How to make your hair thickener at home

Do you long for thick, voluminous hair? Stress, ageing, genetics and the chemicals in hair treatments and dyes are all possible causes of thin hair.

15 Unbelievable reasons you’re losing your hair!

There could be many reasons you are losing your hair, from an underlying health issue such as a thyroid condition to something simple as a vitamin deficiency. 

5 Knee pain causes that have nothing to do with ageing

Your knees are the largest joints in your body for a reason—you need them for practically everything you do. That’s probably why knee pain is common among people of all ages.

30 Skin care rules for women who want to age slowly

Being in your 30s come with a lot of skin issues, like wrinkles and all... but these beauty tips will help reduce the wrinkles as you age slowly:

Ladies: Here’s how to get rid of those forehead wrinkles

Ageing is one of the signs of growing, and wrinkles and fine lines are the first signs of ageing and you see it first on your forehead.

Scientists reveal the real thing that makes you look 10 years...

While to many, lovemaking is the most pleasurable activity they can participate in, it also has significant health benefits.

More reasons why you should eat beet!

Beets are so effective in breaking up tumours mainly by their excellent amount of betacyanin; Betacyanin is the main ingredient...

The most appropriate cardio exercises for older adults

Ageing comes with a lot of things such as losing aerobic capacity, reduction of muscle strength, reduction of endurance and stamina...