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4 Natural Remedies to Get Rid Of Acne

Of all the skin issues people experience, acne is the most common.  Acne occurs when the hair follicles on the skin begin to get...

Simple ways treat stretch marks using castor oil

A lot of us have had to deal with stretch marks at some point. According to Dr. K. Harish Kumar, MD DVL, it is completely normal to start developing stretch marks during...

Simple ways to get of Hives; a type of skin condition

Having an itch can be frustrating. But what if you also develop red, itchy, raised bumps on your skin? This condition is called hives, and it is usually caused due to...

Natural ways to get rid of rashes under the breast

Rashes under the breasts are quite common. Blame it on the seasonal allergies, these rashes are often unavoidable. Breast rashes can also be an embarrassing...

10 Great diets for dry skin!

Dry, flaky, and cracked skin can be really painful. If you have extremely dry skin, you know what I am talking about. In fact, your skin can look dull and malnourished...

Is it okay for women to shave their face?

We women are always on a neverending quest for smooth facial skin. In recent times, shaving has definitely become the fastest and easiest way to get rid of peach fuzz and get smoother skin.

Causes, symptoms and 6 natural remedies to get rid 0f a...

Staph infections are caused by the Staphylococcus bacteria that are found on the skin of many humans. They usually do not cause any harm.

Common home remedies for smelly armpits

Whatever the cause of your smelly underarms may be, you can get rid of the problem by following the simple home remedies discussed below.

5 Ways to get that dark skin off your neck

Dark skin patches around the neck can be very embarrassing no doubt. This is a fairly common skin pigmentation disorder known as acanthosis nigricans. It is not an infection and is not contagious.

See all the health benefits of aloe vera juice

If you do a Google search for ‘aloe vera juice’ you might quickly conclude that drinking aloe vera juice is the ultimate healthy habit, with health benefits...

Top 5 natural herbs that cures eczema effectively

Eczema is a type of skin disease classified as dermatitis. It is a common problem and can happen to anyone. It is defined by inflammation of the skin. There are multiple red rashes that can crack, blister, flake, scale, or ooze. Here are some herbs that can help you treat eczema:

Must-have domestic kits for your home

A first aid kit should be comprised of a series of components (medicines and first aid material) used to cover the primary health needs that could arise in the home.

The right Aloe Vera face masks for every skin type

These 3 aloe vera face masks for every skin type will leave your skin radiant and glowing! No matter if you have acne prone, oily, dry, or sensitive skin, aloe vera has amazing medicinal properties that can cure even the most stubborn skin problems.

How to get rid of bed bug bites

These pesky little pests generally feed on your blood at night. Their bites resemble other insect bites and usually appear in rows or clusters of three to five bites.

8 Natural remedies for scar removal

Scars are something nasty that affects your pretty look. It can be a stain on a person’s overall personality. Scars are painless. A lot of potions and creams are available in the market for sale to fade the scars.

How to take care of sensitive skin

If you have a sensitive skin, you’ll understand that it demands proper maintenance. You can not apply any makeup product just like that on your skin without any prior analysis. Here are some easy and natural ways you can try to take care of your sensitive skin!

How to make natural hair perfume at home

Make your hair smell good by adding your favourite essential oils to a spray bottle and spray it on your hair. Homemade hair perfume is super easy to make and easy to use.

Beauty DIY: How to clear razor bumps overnight

If you regularly shave, you definitely know the pain of after-shave bumps. Not only do they look ugly, but also can cause a bit of inflammation and leave behind textured skin.

Getting rid of neck and chest wrinkles naturally

Wrinkled skin makes one look really old irrespective of your age. To preserve your skin and youthful features, your chest and neck need attention, care, and nutrition. The skin on your neck and chest requires nourishment and hydration.

How to relieve mosquito bite using Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has soothing, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. It is an effective home remedy to get relief from mosquito bites. Use pure fresh aloe gel to reduce swelling and itching and also soothe the affected area.