Wednesday, April 8, 2020
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20 New ways to boost your health!

Pack your calendar with these 20 fast and fun ways to see your health and spirits soar.

Women: 10 Herbs for boosting your sex drive

In general, herbs are the best solutions for many health problems. The reason to this is that no or very little side effects occur after use.

Can plant-based diet boost fertility?

The benefits of a plant-based diet While it’s not advisable to cut out entire food groups (such as animal protein, dairy or carbohydrates) while trying to conceive...

5 Ways to Divorce-Proof your marriage

The thought of what couple can do to avoid divorce has led to the publication of hundreds of books, articles and several organized lectures to tackle the question.

Positive or Negative: Effect of social media on your kids

A narrative review published in 2014 looked at the effects of online communication and social media on the mental health of young people. It included 43 studies published from 2003 to 2013.