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Could travelling be the perfect cure for a heartbreak?

You're getting over a recent breakup and you've found yourself in a rut. You've always wanted to go to another country, but maybe you were waiting on the right guy so you two could travel the world together.

6 Glaring signs you’re the rebound girl or guy

Are you dating someone fresh out of a long-term relationship? Sometimes, when a person ends a relationship or marriage, they enter into a rebound relationship...

10 Unpleasant signs your ex is not over you

One of the most painful things that happen during a breakup is that people say and do things that they don’t mean. Exes act in confusing ways that can be hard to interpret.

6 Signs you’re ready to date again after a breakup

It's tough to be sure that you’re ready to date again after a breakup, but there are certain signs that prove you've made a breakup your bitch, and are, in fact, more than ready to start seeing other people again. 

Why do men always come back after a breakup?

When a guy breaks up with you, it can be devastating. The hardest part is how he takes all your hopes and dreams for that relationship with him.

Here’s why you should never jump into a rebound relationship

Who will love me again? and When will a "real" love finally grace my doorstep? are questions that can help catapult you out of your post-breakup sadness and depression.

Breakup rumours between Kizz Daniel & Chidinma deepens as they both...

Just when we were falling in love with their relationship! Rumour has it that our favourite musicians, Kizz Daniel and Chidinma might have ended their short romantic relationship and it is fast becoming true.

Juliet Ibrahim addresses ‘break up’ with Iceberg

Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim has finally spoken on reports of alleged breakup with rapper, Iceberg Slim. The actress recently deleted all her photos with Iceberg which sparked rumours that the pair had split.

Common questions answered about Exs

The most painful part of a relationship is the breakup when you have to look into the eyes of your lover and realise he or she is no longer your sweetheart but you ‘Ex’.

How to tell if your relationship is over for real

It's hard to tell when a relationship is really over if you still have feelings for him. It's normal to have mixed feelings and for there to be a back-and-forth period.

Nicki Minaj breaks up with Rapper Nas after 7months

Word out is that renowned American rapper, Nicki Minaj, and Rapper Nas have ended their 7 months old relationship over distance.

5 Things to do when your S/O asks for “space” or...

If your partner has ever asked for a break or space from you, then you understand well what we are discussing today.

3 Real reasons why men come back after a breakup

When a guy breaks up with you, it can be devastating. The hardest part is how he takes all your hopes and dreams for that relationship with him. 

6 Dumb excuses men use to breakup with you

You have probably heard something silly come out of a man’s mouth when they have had enough of you and want a breakup.

Things that could go wrong in a relationship

Relationships are not always perfect and rosy, there are no happily ever afters where you two live in happiness and peace, troubles would arise but only love can conquer them all.

Drake and Rihanna avoid each other again in Abu Dhabi

Word out is that Rihanna and Drake have gone their separate ways because Drake wouldn't stop seeing other women, the duo confirmed this by avoiding each other at Abu Dhabi.

Dear Davina: SHE is always threatening to break up with me,...

Dear Davina, I have been in a relationship with my woman for a year. For the first three months, we lived peacefully and happily without any form of misunderstanding. We started having issues after three months.

5 critical questions you need to ask yourself before taking your...

If you are considering taking your ex back after a big blunder, here are five important questions to think through before opening your heart to him again.

Drake and Rihanna over already?

Word out is that it is over between Drake and Rihanna after Drake recently professed his undying love to the singer while they performed on stage.

Is it wise to be friends with an Ex?

Sometimes, breakup feels like the end of the world. Even a clean, easy break can take your heart along with it. That's why it's hard to stay friends with an ex.