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Men: 5 Irresistible ways to make your wife happy and hotter...

The biggest mistake husbands make is in believing that women like the same things they do. Sorry fellas, but reaching over in the morning and grabbing a breast...

Most common breastfeeding concerns according to mums

Yes, you can definitely breastfeed if you have type 1 diabetes. This being said, you may experience lactation hypoglycaemia as your breastfeeding sessions progress.

Top natural ways to make your breasts bigger

The breasts are considered one of the greatest assets of women. Firm and supple breasts can make all body shapes a lot more attractive.

See why people are putting toothpaste on their boobs!

Another day, another unusual health claim sweeping the Internet. Today, it's the concept that slathering toothpaste on your boobs could help them look firmer and bigger.

Sad! Bomb blast rips Zimbabwe’s Minister’s breast off

Zimbabwe’s Minister of Environment, Climate and Water, Ms Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri, has lost one of her breasts after the explosion that rocked the campaign rally of President Emmerson Mnangagwa last Saturday.

4 Other breast cancer symptoms that have nothing to do with...

Breast cancer diagnosis often goes something like this: a woman feels a lump on her breast and makes a doctor's appointment. The doctor conducts some tests which may include a breast exam, mammogram, ultrasound, biopsy...

All you need to know about nipple care

It’s the most natural thing in the world, nourishing your baby through breastfeeding. It’s a time of bonding. But when this time of love turns into periods of pain, and you tense at the thought that your baby needs another feed – it’s not pleasant for either one of you.

Some difficulties mothers encounter with breast milk

There are some circumstances in which a child cannot be fed directly from the breast; for example, in the case of weak babies (normally premature babies) or babies with lip deformations or in the case of mothers who do not have properly formed nipples.

Simple tried and tested remedies for milk blister

You’ve heard your doctor say that breastfeeding shouldn’t be painful, yet you’re in agony. You look down and notice a white, yellowish spot on your nipple...

Ladies: Learn how to wear your bra correctly

A lot of ladies think that all you need to know about wearing a bra is tucking your breast into the cup, but that's not all.

Some difficulties with breast milk

There are some circumstances in which a child cannot be fed directly from the breast; for example, in the case of weak babies (normally premature babies)...

Things you must tell your girl child before she clocks twelve

Here is a list of things you must tell your girl child while she is still young.

Husbands: Things you should never do to your wife’s breast during...

Men are attracted to breasts from birth until death. Still, that doesn’t mean every man knows what to do with them.

Lifestyle of an expectant mother

The lifestyle of a pregnant woman would not only affect her, but her baby also. Because it largely determines how her unborn baby will develop. And how healthy the mother will be.

Your Breasts: What seems abnormal but is not

As ladies our breasts go through changes when we have our period, when we’re pregnant or breastfeeding, and when we go through puberty and its flip side, menopause.

See why you should sleep with your bra or not

So you like to sleep in your Bra because you think the extra support will prevent sagging and keep them looking up but others will cringe at the very thought of it.

5 Best ways to care for your breast

Not all women have the advantage of knowing ways to care for your breasts, and I’d love to change that. As women, caring for our breasts is an important part of our health and body image as they are the statement of our womanhood.

How to make an already sagging breast firm again

A lot of things can make your breast fall, including breastfeeding, but this can be taken care of with the right size of bra. If you noticed that your breast has started falling, the first thing you have to tackle is your bra.

See the 7 types of cancer alcohol can cause

Health experts are calling for warning labels on booze, like those on tobacco products, based on a new study that finds alcohol is a direct cause of at least seven forms of cancer. Drink only a little?

Is it normal to have hair on your breast?

Having hair on your breast might seem alarming as a woman. However, hair on the breast is actually typical and happens to most women...