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All there is to know about birth crowning!

However, one of the most common questions asked is about birth crowning in the final stages of labour. Many of you want to know how it feels and what to expect.

6 Assisted birth methods that make labour easier

There are a number of interventions that can be considered to help make labour or your baby’s birth easier, or to ensure a better outcome for both of you.

Knowing the difference between false labour and true labour

A pressing thought on every pregnant woman’s mind is: ‘Will I know when I’m really in labour?’ Usually, childbirth educators and practitioners...

Ladies: Your uterus and you!

You probably don’t give your uterus much thought, but did you know that this is one of the most remarkable organs in your body and is capable of creating and sustaining life?

Induced Labour: What does this mean and when is it necessary?

Induction is when your labour is started artificially, using mechanical means, such as rupturing your membranes, or with medication.

Five signs you’re approaching labour

Recognising labour isn’t always easy, and if you’re a first-time mom this may be one of your biggest concerns. While some women experience very distinct signs of labour, others don’t.

Vagina anatomy 101: Ladies you don’t pee from your Vagina!

The word VAGINA is often used to describe your ever-elusive lady parts as a whole, but it's actually a misnomer: Your vagina's technically inside of your body.

Ladies: 10 facts you should know about your Cervix

Cervix is the neck of the womb located at the bottom of the uterus and the top of the vulva.It has a canal, which allows passage of fluid from the body...

Patient’s fart ignites fire during surgery, leaves her with severe burns

An operating room snafu out of Japan is generating headlines because of its bizarre nature: According to reports, a patient's fart ignited a fire that left her with serious burns.

Get rid of genital warts with these 6 at-home remedies

Before you panic at any suspicious looking development around your nether regions, understand genital warts better. Transmitted sexually, either protected or unprotected, genital warts...

Get ready to ‘Flex’ with this new tampon alternative

Do we call this good news? A new company based in San Francisco says it'll soon bring an alternative to tampons & sanitary towels...

Is Vinegar healthy for weight loss?

Have you been endangering your health by drinking vinegar for weight loss? You might have seen ads all over social media saying it works...

4 important things you should know about your Tampons

'Heard the story of that model who suffered from Toxic Shock Syndrome and had to have her leg amputated. The connection to Tampons was...