Tuesday, April 7, 2020
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3 Herbal teas that clear acne

Acne is one skin problem that’s affected almost everyone, and we’ve heard of a lot of remedies, and herbal teas are one of them.

Natural remedy for inner thigh rashes

You must have used a skin care product containing olive oil as an ingredient. Apart from being a good moisturizer, olive oil can significantly help in the fight against inner thigh rashes.

Did you know washing your hair with tea can make it...

Tea rinses have become popular only recently and there are commercial hair rinses available too!

5 things you can do to stop your shaky hands

The most common cause of shaking hands is a condition called essential tremor, which occurs due to a disruption in normal brain function of the cerebellum.

5 Tips to bleach your hair naturally

Everyone likes to colour hair. It makes one look young and fresh. If you wish to highlight your hair without using the harsh chemical lighteners or colour dyes, then there are natural homemade recipes that will help you.