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Dealing with toxic jealousy in a healthy way according to therapists

You might think the best way to cope with your jealousy is just to ignore it and move on. But pretending your feelings don’t exist can be a recipe for an emotional disaster.

Man accuses his wife of 33 years of cheating on Facebook...

A man shot and killed his wife of 33 years and attempted to commit suicide in front of their two grandchildren a week after he took to Facebook to accuse her of cheating.

We’re considering publishing names of married men to curb cheating and...

Authorities in Tanzania are considering publishing the identities of all married men on a website run by a state agency as part of efforts to curb cheating and protect young women from “unnecessary heartbreaks.”

Top 4 signs you’re dangerously close to cheating

There are certain habits that relationship experts say are typical of people who tend to end up cheating on their partners. If you or your partner are engaging in any of them...

Another Kardashian/Jenner drama as Kylie Jenner accuses Travis Scott of cheating

The Kardashian/Jenner family have been hit with fresh cheating allegations… this time Kylie is reportedly accusing her baby daddy Travis Scott of cheating.

Video: Offset apologises to Cardi B on Instagram after she dumped...

Offset has taken to IG to beg for forgiveness from estranged wife Cardi B after she left him over his alleged infidelity.

4 Things you do when you’re dangerously close to cheating

There are certain habits that relationship experts say are typical of people who tend to end up cheating on their partners.

Why it’s totally unacceptable to keep tolerating your partner’s cheating!

Cheating on a spouse is the ultimate form of betrayal. It destroys trust, which is the very core of any loving relationship. 

These 7 reasons might be why your man is cheating on...

Cheating is something a lot of people get to deal with in their relationships on a daily basis. Whether it's the lady cheating or the man, someone cheats on the other and then gives various reasons to justify their actions.

The link between exercise and cheating…

Exercise is often associated with its positive benefits, in fact, if you want to stay healthy, it’s vital. And in addition to enjoying the benefits yourself, having a significant other who works out means you’ll reap all the benefits of a healthy partner.

Top reasons why people cheat on their partners

Cheating is common in relationships and it's not limited to the singles only. We find it in a lot of marriages as well. Whether it's the lady cheating on the man, or the man cheating on the lady, below are five reasons people cheat on their partners.

Dear Davina: My Mum had an abortion for my lecturer

Dear Davina, I was making use of my mum’s phone when a message beeped on her phone. Through the message thread, I discovered that my mum was having an affair with my lecturer. The same lecture that helped in my admission process, not only is she having an affair, she recently had an abortion for him.

My Divorce Story 10: Abraham- Outplayed by a Player

As my business partner opened his hotel room door to let in his friends, I heard a rather familiar laugh and that was when I saw her with her tag along friend. My wife catwalked into the room and that was when she saw me. The first word that escaped from my mouth was Jesus! My wife shouted and ran out of the room

My Divorce Story 3: Brian – I Married The School Thot

I arrived home not expecting to meet my wife at home but I saw her car and another strange car parked outside.  I wondered who it was and asked the gateman ‘na madam brother’ he responded.  Demilade had only one brother who was in the US and as at the last time we spoke two days back he was still there.

Ladies stop fighting for his attention… it’s a turn off

Ladies you don’t need to fight for his attention. The real issue here is that you’ve not developed the self-worth necessary in order to understand...

According to science, if your boyfriend LOVES Twitter he’s probably cheating

Sure, social media makes it easier for us to keep in touch with our friends and family all over the world, and that's awesome.

Amir Khan accuses wife of  cheating on him with Anthony Joshua

Boxing champion Amir Khan and his wife Faryal Makhdoom sensationally announced their marriage is over in an explosive ongoing row on Twitter...

Cheating student pastes exam answers under fingernails

A Physics student has gone to extreme lengths of cheating by sticking the answers to her exams under the tips of her fingernails.

7 Not-so-obvious signs he/she is cheating on you

These days, it’s even easier to detect a cheating partner. We know the typical telltale signs: weight loss, new music or food interests, the purchase of a new wardrobe.

Dear Davina: SHE just confessed that she cheated on me with...

Dear Davina, I'm not really a fan of social media help or confiding in someone but now I just need someone to talk to. I need to pour out my sorrows. Seriously, I'm heartbroken.