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Can changing the way you sleep together make your relationship better?

Whether it's that you can't sleep when you're in bed together, or you end up having incompatible sleeping positions, learning how to sleep better is the best way to save your relationship in the process.

Ladies: 3 reasons you shouldn’t compare yourself to other women

As a lady, we've all been guilty of comparing ourselves to other women. We compare our body sizes, our hair, our personalities, our clothes, our successes...

Stylish and simple DIY clothes to revamp your wardrobe this new...

With the new year still fresh, everyone needs a fresh perspective. Whether it is work or home, a new wardrobe can be exactly the fresh start you need.

CBN adds fertiliser to the 41 items not eligible for forex

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has added one more item to the 41 items not eligible for foreign exchange (forex).

How to make your clothes last longer!

We all wish that we can wear our clothes just once and have them replaced, but that doesn’t happen. For many of us, we have to wear our clothes for as long as we can.

Amazing ways to style your floral shoes!

Many ladies have pretty floral shoes wasting away in their closets because they are wondering how to style it. This post is coming to your rescue!

The dos and don’ts of wearing, mixing, and matching patterns

Combining patterns can be a little bit of a task if you are not skilled in that area, and if wrongly done, you can...

5 Basic principles of an ideal wardrobe

Do you ever look at your overflowing wardrobe and think of everything you don’t own or how you have nothing to wear?

Differentiating between food poisoning and stomach bug

Does your stomach hurts? There’s probably one question hanging over your head as you’re hanging over the edge of the toilet:

Look amazing instantly with these 10 fabulous tips

Have you ever tried looking stylish but failed? Don’t give up yet. It’s entirely possible to make even the most basic of outfits look exceptionally stylish.

12 Mistakes New Parents Make with Their Babies

Being a new parent is quite a job! You find yourself being constantly confused, wondering if you are making the right decision or just hurting your bundle of joy.

Nigeria Union of Tailors plan mass production of clothes

The President, the Nigeria Union of Tailors, Mr Wasiu Taiwo, said that the union had concluded an arrangement to set up a hub for mass production of clothes.

Wear only made in Calabar clothes- Gov. Ayade to Cabinet members

Hehehe! Word out is that the Governor of Cross River, Ben Ayade, on Thursday instructed members of his cabinet to wear only clothes made from the Calabar...

15 Super cool uses for wet wipes every mum should know

Wet wipes are a mum’s best friend. Who doesn’t leave the house without a pack in their handbag, nappy bag and the car?

5 Simple ways to de-wrinkle your clothes without an iron  

Have you gotten ready for office only to realise that your shirt or top is wrinkled and needs ironing? It is not always possible to iron clothes due to a variety of reasons...

Four signs a person is dirty

As a woman, you need to maintain high hygiene standards, because of our biological makeup. A woman is a flower, she needs to be fresh and nice smelling.

Things you must do for your child this harmattan season

Yay! The north east trade wind is here again, most of us get scared when harmattan comes, but you don’t have to be.

 7 Ways to look skinny in pictures

Every woman wants to look her best in her photos. It’s a common knowledge that a camera can add a few pounds to the photograph.

5 Tricks to make your clothes last longer

We all wish that we can wear our clothes just once and have them replaced, but that doesn’t happen. For many of us, we have to wear our clothes for as long as we can.

Guys: Top 10 rules for wearing sunglasses

Sunglasses make a good accessory to spice up our clothing, and just as we want to look good in our cloths, we also want to look good in our sunglasses.