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COVID-19: Building a routine for your kids now that they are...

There’s no doubt that cabin fever will set in sooner rather than later so keeping to a routine is now of the utmost importance. Kids, particularly those up to age 8...

Adulthood: 4 ways to succeed at this whole ‘adulting’ thing

What exactly is adulting? While we’re not exactly familiar with the word adulating, trust me, it’s a real thing guys and a lot of people have failed at it.

New study reveals babies who look like their dad are more...

According to a group of researchers, babies may get some surprising benefits if they look like their father. The study reveals they tend to be healthier.

8 Things parents need to totally avoid doing in the presence...

Babies absorb information around them from birth. In fact, babies absorb information with their senses to both bond and explore.

Interesting things to do with your partner in the new year

A lot of us begin the new year by setting resolutions, a few months down, practically none of our lofty goals have taken shape.

Common things that happen when you don’t set boundaries in your...

Setting boundaries may seem counterintuitive, but having them in your relationship is key. Relationships are sacred and marriage is a wonderful institution.

Jealousy and Controlling Behavior: 5 simple ways to stop them from...

It's important to identify what triggers your jealousy and then take steps to minimize the influence that trigger has on you. Most important of all is to practice techniques that help you to calm down and see more clearly.

Understanding the basics of gentle parenting

Whether you are pregnant with your first or wanting to make a change in the toddler or primary school years, these are Sarah’s 7 Cs of gentle parenting:

Communicating effectively with your child’s teacher

But maintaining effective communication with your child’s teacher can get tricky once the daily pressures of work, extramural activities and school lifting kicks in.

Can your culture influence your child’s milestones?

Motor skills don’t happen in isolation, research shows. When your baby begins to roll over, sit, crawl, pull up and walk, it gives her a new view on her world...

8 Things women who are considered ‘wife material’ shouldn’t be caught...

If you're focused on how to make a guy fall in love with you (enough to get married!), here’s a list of what you don’t want to do, for your own sake:

4 Reasons why romance is missing in your relationship

Here are 4 reasons why it might seem like there is no romance in your relationship and how to rekindle a relationship in need of that romantic love:

5 Reasons why your toddler hits and how to handle it

All of these combine to create that compulsion to smack. The good news is there’s a reason why your toddler hits, and once you understand it, you can take action.

Easy ways to get your child ready for the next day...

After your kids are back from school, here’s how you get them ready for their next day at school:

10 Dating tips to follow now that you are single

Let us save you some time, energy and heartache. You can thank us later.

6 Ways to apologize the right way

When you really, truly need to apologize for something you’ve done, something that has wronged or insulted or hurt your partner, you need to understand what a true apology consists of. 

Common fights all new parents have!

While having a newborn in the home is a special time for parents, the new uncertain, sleep-deprived world you suddenly find yourselves in can leave...

Amazing ways to shower yourself with the unconditional love that you...

Your relationship with yourself is no different to any other in your life — it takes time, attention and effort to make a change towards unconditional love.

The importance of touching and affection for a healthy relationship

Touch is one of the most intimate of all actions. It allows you to move into sacred space, creating presence and connection. Although most women love to hear the words...

See why you should teach your toddler verbs

Your toddler experiences the same emotions you do. However, they don’t have the language skills to express how they’re feeling.