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Understanding the basics of gentle parenting

Whether you are pregnant with your first or wanting to make a change in the toddler or primary school years, these are Sarah’s 7 Cs of gentle parenting:

25 Actions that will boost your self-confidence

One of the things that have held a lot of people back from pursuing their dreams for many years is fear of failure … and the lack of self-confidence needed to overcome that fear.

6 Tips to looking really attractive

When we say attractive, the first thing that comes to a natural mind are things that affect our physical appearance. However, not all attractiveness is external. We can be attractive emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

13 Tips on how to keep up with the latest fashion...

We have heard plenty of fashion advice and there are a lot more if you simply know where to look. Every woman wants to keep up with the current fashion and trends.

How to help your teenager get over shyness

It’s normal for children to be shy but when a child is in his or her teenage years, this shyness may get worse as teenagers are very self-conscious people…

The 5 things women notice about men immediately

The question of how to get a girl to like you and attract women naturally is one that some men answer more easily than others.

8 Ways to build your partner’s confidence according to experts

Once in a while in every relationship, it’s absolutely normal for your partner to feel insecure.

Trending cat eyeglasses for every lady

Cat eyeglasses are uniquely different from the other glasses because their frames are specifically designed to suit all woman irrespective of their face shape!

How to encourage our children’s esteem

Encouraging your children is very important, it helps build their esteem and confidence. Below are the importance of encouraging your children's esteem.

Stand up to the ‘Beast’ before He kills you

One of the reasons we often hear for women remaining in abusive homes is that they do not have the means to leave. They have neither a job nor any other income source or they have no savings of any sort.

5 Things your Smile does to your Health

People wear smiles for different reason- reflex; because they feel it looks good on them; because other people compliment them; or simply to flaunt their cute dimples. But beyond these wonderful reasons, there happens to be some health benefits to smiling...

5 tips on how to boost your confidence

Many a time we are faced with some situations that affect our self-confidence, ranging from getting over a failed relationship, being taken for granted...

How your appearance might have been affecting your earnings

A lot of people think that earnings are based on how good or bad a person is at their job, but research suggests that’s...

We’ve got our confidence back!- Valencia

Hehe. Gary Neville insists the mood has changed within the Valencia dressing room following a third consecutive win in all competitions. Goals from Dani...