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Video: Meaningful sex shouldn’t be more than 5 mins, any man...

A Nigerian cleric, Oladele Ogundipe, has said that meaningful sex between a couple should not be more than five minutes and that any man who wants to stay on a woman for over 30 minutes is a mad man. 

These funny tests will prevent you from choosing the wrong man!

To be honest, I’ve started to run my own tests on men. I'm not even ashamed to say so. These tests, though unconventional, really do help you figure...

5 Common issues almost every couple faces after having a baby...

While your baby’s arrival is greeted with excitement, there’s no doubt that your life will never be the same again – you and your partner are now a family overnight.

20 Little but sweet things that’ll make your relationship SUPER strong

If you want to have a stable and healthy relationship, exercise kindness early and often. Kindness means you're being friendly, generous and considerate.

Here’s how much being single costs you per year

As we all know, being single usually doesn’t mean being alone and, now that we can find ourselves, someone, to ‘go for a drink with’ in two swipes, it’s not too much of a slog either.

Infertility: Important things couples trying to conceive need to know

Are you and your partner trying to conceive? Here are six things you should know about infertility:

Common myths about happy couples that are not always true

A lot of people think happy couples do not have issues, and that is not true. With happy couples, things are not always as it seems. The unique thing about happy couples is knowing how to deal with difficult times in their relationship.

Are you making these 8 mistakes in your relationship?

You have started a new relationship only to discover that it’s going in the same direction the others went. It could be because of these mistakes you have been making over and over again.

Check out the hilarious Pre-wedding Photos of a plus size man...

This is hilarious! A new couple, set to tie the knot soon, is currently breaking the internet after their pre-wedding photos made its way to the cyberspace.

Public Indecency: Couple jailed for kissing

A Frenchman and a Tunisian woman were convicted Wednesday on appeal in Tunis for public indecency after an altercation with police who arrested the couple

Simple and silent ways to fight for your marriage

After being married for a period of time, a lot of couples begin to doubt their partners, wondering why they actually chose them.

Why do we really fall out of love… and how do...

There’s the moment when we are head over heels in love with our significant other, and there are other times when we try so hard to remember why we love them.

Photos: After 25 years of marriage! 57-year-old Nigerian woman welcomes a...

Blessed be God forever more! Nigerian couple, Mr. and Mrs. Dada welcomed a set of twins after over 25 years of marriage.

6 Ways to listen and not get defensive

Understanding your partner requires knowing how to listen. Really listen. Couples are advised to hear each other’s complaints without feeling attacked...

Couple welcomes set of Twins after 18-years of Marriage

Wow! God is awesome, and it’s never late with God, A couple has welcomed a set of Twins after 18-years of marriage.

Couple burns teenager’s penis for raping their 4-year-old daughter

According to report, the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), in Sokoto state has arrested a couple for allegedly burning the male organ...

These hilarious pre-wedding photos will make your day

This is so funny! Like the trend of today, before a wedding in Nigeria comes a pre-wedding photo shoot; now this couple has taken it to a whole new level.

Childless couple of 10 years welcomes quintuplets in Cross River State

Wow! this is so inspiring... never lose trust In God, this Nigerian couple has been married for 10 years without a child, but on Monday 9th January 2017...

Gbenro and Osas Ajibade finally reveal face of their daughter

Hmmm… Finally, the Lovebirds Gbenro and Osas Ajibade that welcomed their first baby girl five months ago have shown her face for the first time.

Couple arrested for having sex in parked car with 6-year-old child...

Word out is that a Connecticut couple... 28-year-old Kimberly Onorato and 27-year-old Rory Clark... were arrested by the police after cops...