Tuesday, January 28, 2020
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10 Amazing body hacks that help solve those annoying everyday problems

Have you ever been standing in front of an audience and you’re so nervous you just know you’re going to cry?

People who cry during movies are the STRONGEST people – Expert...

Though a lot of people smirk when they see others watch movies in tears. Truth be told, people who cry over movies tend to have something that a lot of others haven't really cultivated: empathy.

15 Things you should learn to say  to children

Kids thrive on what they hear. So bear in mind that what you say can affect children either negatively or positively. In other to build your child positively, below are 15 things you should learn to say to them.

I’m sorry for doing the ugly cry- Adele

Haha! Once again, an award show was all about Adele! She took the most BRIT Awards of the night, received a surprise global recognition gong...

Adele cried all day after the Grammys!

She didn’t shake it off after all! Adele revealed during an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres” show that she cried the entire day after...

Why in the world was Taylor Swift crying at the Grammys???

Taylor swift was seen pouting and crying at the Grammys despite the multiple awards she got.   Were they tears of joy? Nope! They weren't. Apparently,...