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My Divorce Story 84: Esther, He Left Me For His PA

Hello and welcome to another edition of my divorce story. Is it only me that notices that time seems to fly so fast these...

My Divorce Story 78: Ugo, Kicked Out After 9 Years Of...

after marriage, we moved into the family home to live with his parents and siblings. That is where my hell on earth begin, ending with divorce 9 yrs later.

My Divorce Story 77: Mildred, I Couldn’t Take The Beatings Any...

Divorce Story 77. Edwin abused me physically and emotionally endlessly, stating that I was nothing without him. Truly I felt like I was nothing without him

Divorce Story 76: Charity, Married As A Virgin, Divorced As A...

My divorce story sounds incredible. I got married as a virgin. Four years later, the marriage hadn't been consummated and I was now divorced.

Divorce Story 72: Ibinabo, It is Complicated, Very Complicated

Marriage to Eddy was a partnership made in heaven but it turned sour leading us to seek a divorce. Then along came Daniel, but I found myself back with Eddy

Divorce Story 66: Rashidat, I Finally Found Joy

After I joined a church, My ex-husband, filed for divorce on the grounds that I was not ready to practice the Islamic religion with him.

Divorce Story 63: Sheila, I Still Don’t Understand What Happened.

Divorce Story 63: Ten years into our blissful marriage, Samson asked for a divorce. No previous fight and no reasons why. Six years later, I remain baffled

Divorce Story 60: Gift, Enslaved In Marriage

My husband started lamenting on how my parents tasked him heavily all in the name of bride price and said he must get his money’s worth till he exhausted the money he paid on my head.

My Divorce Story 39, Mabel: I Thought He Loved Me...

My Divorce Story 39, I overheard my husband confessing how tired he was with his marriage to me, and wishing I would just get the message and leave

My Divorce Story 36, Tope: He Was Overly Obsessed With His...

Divorce Story, My husband was obsessed with his ex and I kept wondering why then did he marry me? Countless times I caught him viewing her pics or chatting with her.