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Wendy Williams files for divorce from cheating husband Kevin Hunter after...

Wendy Williams has finally filed for divorce from her cheating husband Kevin Hunter weeks after his mistress gave birth to a little girl.

My Divorce Story 77: Mildred, I Couldn’t Take The Beatings Any...

Divorce Story 77. Edwin abused me physically and emotionally endlessly, stating that I was nothing without him. Truly I felt like I was nothing without him

Widowhood Tales 31: Evelyn, From Divorce To Widow

My widowhood story is quite different. I and my husband were in the midst of divorce proceedings when he suddenly died plunging me straight into Widowhood.

Hello Ross, He Does Not Satisfy Me, Should I Get A...

My husband doesn't satisfy me sexually. He is very old school when it comes to sex. Should I get a divorce because am not sexually satisfied or cheat?

Divorce Story 76: Charity, Married As A Virgin, Divorced As A...

My divorce story sounds incredible. I got married as a virgin. Four years later, the marriage hadn't been consummated and I was now divorced.

Divorce Story 75: Kimberly, Two Can Play, The Game?

Divorce Story 75: My dumb boyfriend, instead of rousing me to go get the door, rushed to check who it was at the door and that was how he met my husband

Divorce Story 73: Funmi, Story Of Self Sabotage

Divorce Story 73. Hell broke loose when my husband got an anonymous text about my extra-marital affair and he was furious.

Divorce Story 74: Her Negligence Killed Our Only Child

Divorce story 74: Bimpe left our son in a car parked by the road. He pushed a few buttons that took the car right unto the road and an oncoming vehicle.

Hello Ross, I Ignored The Red Lights Hoping Things Will Change...

Prior to our marriage, I noticed a few disturbing signs. I ignored them thinking that with Marriage, things would get better. 3 years later, it is worse.

Divorce Story 72: Ibinabo, It is Complicated, Very Complicated

Marriage to Eddy was a partnership made in heaven but it turned sour leading us to seek a divorce. Then along came Daniel, but I found myself back with Eddy

Divorce Story 71: Ifeoluwa, Divorced Because I Couldn’t Have More Kids

After difficult childbirth, I refused to have any more children asking Hubby to give me time to recover. Quarrels over this finally led to us being divorced.

Divorce Story 70: Olumide, Tope Would Have Killed Me

Divorce Story 70, Before I knew it, our wall clock, TV and glass centre table had been shattered by Tope. She threatened to stab me with the broken glass.

Divorce Story 69: Imhade, He Lied To Get Me

Divorce Story 69: Nosa pretended to be a Muslim, even converting to Islam just to get me. Later on in the marriage, he changed revealing his true self.

Divorce Story 68: Soma, Marriage Shouldn’t Be Abusive

Divorce Story 68, I was in an abusive marriage without realising. He would hit me at will and stop me from seeing people. Then he started abusing our kid.

Divorce Story 67: Ramat, Divorced Because Of My Faith

Divorce Story 67, After My conversion to Christianity, My father disowned me, my husband hit me, divorced me and I was barred from seeing my five children.

Divorce Story 66: Rashidat, I Finally Found Joy

After I joined a church, My ex-husband, filed for divorce on the grounds that I was not ready to practice the Islamic religion with him.

Divorce Story 65: Lanre, She Couldn’t Rise Above Her Background

Divorce Story 65. I married Nike from a poor home. She however connived with her sibling to cart away things from our hours to theirs and steal my money.

Divorce Story 64: Oluwatobi, Seun Was A Cheat And A Thief

Divorce Story 64: His family members used me as a house help even in my condition. They would bring their clothes for me to wash and make me their cook

Divorce Story 63: Sheila, I Still Don’t Understand What Happened.

Divorce Story 63: Ten years into our blissful marriage, Samson asked for a divorce. No previous fight and no reasons why. Six years later, I remain baffled

Divorce Story 62: Bimpe, Money changed him

Divorce story 62. I met Dayo as a poor struggling man whom I fully supported financially. When he became buoyant, he totally changed and became someone else