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Nigerian medical doctor stabbed to death by Ukrainian lady with her...

A young Nigerian medical doctor has died after being stabbed by a lady from Ukraine with the support of her father. Gbolade Ibukun Ejemai was...

Doctor rapes married patient after blocking her womb in Sokoto

Dr Tijjani Faruq, a medical doctor at a public hospital in Sokoto State has confessed to raping a married woman after administering sedative injection...

Doctor beheaded by boyfriend after she refused to marry him

A junior doctor was beheaded by her boyfriend over her refusal to marry him, police say. Teacher Shyngys Bekenov, 26, proposed to his girlfriend Nazerke...

Little health and fitness skills we should all know

These top skills will help you stay super healthy and generally fit.

Are you using the right medicine to treat your child’s cough?

More than 80% of people across the globe are using over-the-counter medications as a first option to treat illnesses like coughs. But are you using the right thing?

Davina Diaries Fiction: Tears of A Bleeding Heart – Season II...

"You heard me Derek and I'm serious. A lady was actually betrothed to your father before he met your mother. Your father impregnated that lady but she disappeared when she heard your father was going to get married to your mother," Obed explained.

How to choose a good fertility clinic

There comes a time at which you know that it’s taking longer than it should to fall pregnant. Your doctor is also concerned and before you know it you are being told that you may be infertile.

Fear as deadly monkeypox virus breaks out in Nigeria, over 11...

Bayelsa State residents are gripped with fear as a deadly viral epidemic known as “monkeypox” has broken out in the state.

The natural remedy that keeps bladder infection away

Many women experience chronic bladder infections. If you get them often, you can learn to recognise the symptoms of a developing infection and act quickly to wipe it out.

Irregular Periods: When should I see a Doctor?

The average period of a menstruation cycle is between 21-35 days. Any other figure out of this range is considered irregular.

Post-natal check up

It is usual for the doctor to request that the puerperal mother makes a return visit between six and eight weeks after confinement.

4 Things you should NEVER do if you have a UTI

If you’ve ever had a urinary tract infection, you know they are their own special kind of hell. And considering one in five women gets a UTI at least once in her life...

Is it wise to keep taking sleeping pills?

Are you a victim of insomnia who tries incessantly to catch on your Z’s? Turning and twisting restlessly in bed is a common symptom of insomnia...

Two years to thirty- Season 2- Episode 23

‘aren’t you going to work today’? Moji grimaced as guilt plagued her….this felt so right yet it was wrong…if people heard she was loving her sister’s...

Two years to thirty- Episode 19

‘I said am sorry…you can’t get rid of me…I know I make you angry mostly but I am still the only friend you’ll ever have….

Two years to thirty- Episode 18

‘whoa….and you had to come now? You know I was about coming over to your place…this isn’t a good time Moji…

Two years to thirty- Episode 11

‘mama …I love Ife…you should understand this…besides…she’s usually not his way….she’s just a frustrated woman…

Problems in Pregnancy… Obesity

Obesity is a condition which is prevalent among both sexes and during any stage of life. Weight increases throughout life, but the most notable increase...

How to prevent low blood sugar

Mildly low blood sugar levels are somewhat common for people with diabetes; however, severely low blood sugar levels can be life-threatening.

5 Lovemaking injuries and how to treat them

Lovemaking is fun, but it is a physical activity that can sometimes lead to painful injuries. These 5 injuries often happen while couples are making love, and they can be very uncomfortable and awkward.