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10 Ways to make getting dressed for work really easy

Instead of scrambling every morning trying to find something suitable to throw together, having an arsenal of simple yet sophisticated...

The perfect off-shoulder dress for your body type

Off-shoulder dress is one of the trending outfits in the fashion world that every lady should have a special wardrobe corner for. It gives you a classy and more expensive look.

How to dress to look more mature

Having a baby face or looking petite has its ups and downs. Sometimes, it favours you and some other times, you get walked upon and that can be heartbreaking. If this is your story, here’s something that can help.

The 5 things women notice about men immediately

The question of how to get a girl to like you and attract women naturally is one that some men answer more easily than others.

8 Clothing charts that’ll change the way you dress

These simple clothing charts will change the way you dress forever!

Oops! Did you get stained?

Hello ladies, did you leave your house looking all glorious and confident and you somehow have to borrow a scarf or cardigan from your friends to hide...

What your dress says about you

You often hear the phrase ‘Dress the way you want to be addressed’, this goes a long way to show the importance of your dress code.

How to rock your casual and corporate outfits with ankara hair...

The journey of ankara in today's fashion world, is soaring with any bit of doubt. Now you don't need to look for a dress that suits your hair tie...

Ladies: Stylish ways to rock your polka dot outfits

Polka dot is simply a series of dots on a dress or clothing. There are amazing colourful polka dot outfits that have peculiar definition.

Jidenna and The Game swap costume for Halloween

Nigerian-American singer Jidenna has returned the favour America rapper, The Game did in last year's Halloween.

Ladies: Creative ways to wear a man’s shirt like a dress

Whether it is your boyfriend’s, brother’s or your husband’s, we can tell that at one time or another, you’ve worn one of their shirts. However, we are very certain you didn’t wear it in the creative ways we are about to show you.

6 classy ways to rock a drop-waist dress

If you are looking for a simple yet classic dress to rock at any time, then, drop waist dress is all you need. It is a mini length dress that offers convenience and style at the same time.

5 ways you can dress to look taller

Do you spend most of your days trying to appear taller usually by wearing 3- or 4-inch heels? Trust me… I’ve been there. But now,  wearing super high stilettos just isn't cutting it anymore.

The right way to wear a dress over pants

Wearing a dress over a pant starts with, first, finding the right pant, preferably in black or a darker colour. Afterwards, you can pair the bottom...

8 Ways to look smart and trendy even as a Plus...

With the constant media hype over the beauty of thin women, plus size women are always overlooked, but in the real sense, plus size...

Fashion 101: Important #FashionTips for the New Week

Dressing up for work doesn't mean you have to look drab. I have learnt from experience that you can look absolutely fabulous in your work clothes. Here's the simple trick...

Check out Kate Middleton’s top fashion moments as she tours India

Royal Fashionista! Kate Middleton and Prince William, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are currently touring India and Bhutan and as with any major...

15 daily outfit inspirations from your favourite celebs

There’s no denying it! There are times when we all feel confused about what to wear. We tend to have a lot on our...

Oscars 2016: Top 5 Red Carpet Disasters

We have seen the beautiful dresses from the just concluded Oscars 2106 red carpet. But like with other awards, there are always the worst...

5 Chic and Trendy office wears

Are you confused about what to wear tomorrow? Are you finding it difficult to put a chic and office-appropriate wear together? Then check out the...