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3 Moves that will fry those calories and tone your body

There are plenty of full-body workouts you can add to your repertoire, but this three-move series is an absolute must.

All the amazing benefits of jump squats

Do you want well-shaped thighs and legs? Well, if you do, then this is the post you should be reading! Jump squats help exercise the quads and calves...

How to burn abs fat in 10 minutes

Do you often see your stomach bulging out when you wear skinny jeans? If yes, then you have to try the 10-minute ab workout. This workout comprises of four exercises that can be done in ten minutes.

How to effectively tone your shoulders and back in a big...

When you’re seated, the ground is already bracing your pelvis, so your core loses half of its team! If you try to lift weights overhead and you’re sitting on the floor...

How to shed all the holiday weight with these 3 dumbbell...

While you were eating and sleeping, we were busy working on how to make sure you get your body back after the holidays because you are always on our mind.

4 Ways to change your workout while pregnant

As long as you’ve got the all clear from your doctor—a must for all pregnant women, regardless of your fitness level—you can keep on with your gym routine.

Did you know you can tone your chest and shoulders without...

We all know that pushups and planks sculpt the chest, shoulders, and core. But if you're looking for exercises that take the pressure off your wrists, or if you recently had a C-section and your core muscles can't support pushups or planks at this time, these three exercises make great substitutions.

Tone your shoulders and back in a big way with this...

When you’re seated, the ground is already bracing your pelvis, so your core loses half of its team! If you try to lift weights overhead and you’re sitting on the floor, your spinal erectors will have to work extra hard to keep your posture lifted since they don’t have help from your hips.

Shock your core into shape with these abs circuit workout

For well-sculpted abs,  a non-stop circuit workout is your best bet. That's because, circuits not only put your body through a number of exercises in a short amount of time, they also get your heart rate revved and give your metabolism a boost.

The best exercise for sculpting sexy shoulders

All the attention shouldn’t go to your abs and booty. Strong shoulders are super important, too. You need them for everything from opening heavy doors to carrying kids to holding your blow dryer up.

Work your butt without wrecking your knees with these 5 moves

Knee pain can be an actual pain in the ass when it comes to strengthening your legs and butt. How are you supposed to build strength in your lower body if one of your major joints down there already hurts?

Which should come first… Cardio or weight lifting?

Combining your fitness routine is one of the best ways to target multiple muscles, burn fat, and improve your body’s cardiovascular system.

Lose weight before the New Year with this 7-Day workout plan

You’d be surprised how much time you waste at the gym without a game plan. Between deciding what to do and waiting for your turn on the machines...

5-Minute fat-blasting workout that works for all body types

Are you looking to drop some pounds or improve your endurance? We have you covered! This 5-minute heart-pumping, fat-blasting cardio workout makes a great addition to your regular weightlifting or yoga routine.

6 effective exercises for sexy lean Legs

Are you tired of those thigh fats that cause your thighs to rub against each other when you walk? Do you want a thigh...

5 Exercises to Do in a Cramped Apartment

Getting a good workout in a small apartment is a challenge, especially if you have trouble getting some fitness equipment through the door or installing a treadmill in the living room. Moreover, your neighbors might frown upon you jumping the rope every day (if you don’t live on the bottom floor), so the possibilities are close to nonexistent.