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Men: How to handle your nagging wives!

A nagging wife is one who complains continuously. It isn’t a crime to complain when something doesn’t meet your taste or when you aren’t satisfied, but it is wrong to overdo it.

Ladies: How to play ‘Hard To Get’ the right way

Many women have lost men they wanted in seconds because they simply played hard to get — some because they were just being childish or plain ridiculous.

Northern leaders want training of female cadets scrapped because of religion,...

In a major policy reversal, the Nigerian military is set to end the admission of female cadets into the combatant course of the Nigerian Defence Academy.

4 Ways to tell if a guy is just using you...

How do you know if a guy is genuinely interested in you or just wants to boost his ego?

Two years to thirty- Season 2 Episode 25

‘thanks Madam Ego, I’ll go drop that letter now if I were you and clear out my table as fast as I could’ she pecked her friend on the cheek and left for….

Two years to thirty- Season 2- Episode 22

‘no, Boma….Moji fed you with lies about me…can’t you see what she’s doing? She wants to ruin our marriage…Boma please don’t listen to her’ she was on...

Two years to thirty- Season 2 Episode 21

‘wow, typical…you’re lying Ife…I can see it…I know you quite well….i don’t know what you did to me that made me this blind…but I don’t think Dami raped...

Things that affect a man’s ego

There are a bunch of things that affect a man’s ego, it could devalue him or make him feel less of a man. Here’s a list of those things that affect...

Two years to thirty- Season 2 Episode 17

Coincidentally his phone buzzed, She was the caller, the woman that had betrayed him…anger burned his insides…but he held himself in check,...

Two years to thirty- Season 2 Episode 13

‘wow, I’m sorry’ Ima raised her hands and walked out of the room, why was her friend such in a bad mood?

Two years to thirty- Season 2 Episode 12

‘so tell me everything about her, how she saved your mother…maybe I could find her and apologize…we could even be friends…’ her face beamed with hope…

Two years to thirty- Season 2 Episode 9

Once again, he knew he would get her into his bed…no woman could resist his charms….

Two years to Thirty – Season 2 Episode 1

‘wow….it’s working’ Tessy grabbed a glass of water as she noticed the admiration that filled Yinka’s eyes….

Two years to thirty- Episode 15

‘am not hearing you’ Ego deliberately ignored her friend…. Without much wasting of time, she walked to the kitchen to fix herself a toast…

Two years to thirty- Episode 12

‘okay…she’s a lovely girl…I don’t know much about her…but I just like her….you know how you meet someone for the first time and you feel you’ve known them forever?’ she asked her niece….

Two years to Thirty – Episode 7

Thankfully she had delivered the files to her boss…she was free for the next one hour….

Two years to Thirty – Episode 6

‘hey boss….’ Tessy walked into her cousin’s room unannounced….she’d just finished speaking with his mother and she’d made a very unusual request…

Two years to thirty- Episode 4

He unsettled her….she couldn’t even focus on the novel she’d just picked to read….

Two years to Thirty – Episode 3

‘mom…..’ Yinka drawled….hoping his mother wasn’t getting any funny ideas of matchmaking…

13 mistakes you are making at the gym

The gym is a place to get your fitness right, but, the truth is, a lot of people still get it all wrong. This is so because a lot of people are busy doing the wrong exercises, using incorrect techniques and do not follow gym etiquettes.