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10 precautions you can take to keep your little ones safe...

Human trafficking is rising at an alarming rate, but it is just one of the reasons that children are kidnapped. Children are also often taken by members...

Planning a picnic with your family this holiday season!

Ever heard of a picnic? It’s not all the time you take your kids to the fast-food restaurant, the ice cream shop or to some merriment park, you could actually organise...

8 Things women who don’t get played by men do!

If you want to know how to get a guy to like you for you and finally find true love, here are 8 things you can do to make sure it’s safe to be vulnerable opening your heart again when dating.

Six family members murdered in one evening

Japanese authorities believe family troubles are likely to be behind the murder of family members, including a seven-year-old girl, at a home in a...

I almost quit Eagles after death threats to my family –...

Nigeria striker Odion Ighalo has said he considered retiring from the national team after the Russia 2018 World Cup following death threats to him...

Dear Davina, My Sister is Accusing Me Of Being In A...

Dear Davina, I was on my way to their room to ask her something when I overheard her and her husband quarrelling in their room. They didn't see me and she was accusing the husband of sleeping with me

Davina Diaries Fiction: Wilavega Trilogy,Book One

A story of a stubborn but beautiful young woman who has a mission to save the company her father left behind for her. She will encounter obstacles the greatest of which is Gabriel Smith. The prologue introduces us to the key actors in this story filled with drama and intrigue.

Choosing low-risk fruit and vegetables for your kids

Eating fruit and vegetables is linked to a host of health benefits. Unfortunately, what we don’t always think about is how modern farming and agricultural methods...

Sad! 11 members of a family found hanging in house!

Police are investigating the mysterious deaths of 11 people after their bodies were found blindfolded and hanging in a house in India.

10 ways to save money when you’re starting a family

Having a baby is wonderful … and expensive. From now on, there’ll be new items to add to the shopping list, from nappies and wipes, to formula, dummy cases and steriliser.

5 Marriage ‘advice’ that can be ignored according to an expert

When you enter into marriage union, people are full of well-meant marriage advice. Friends, family, and what have you. All of which you can totally ignore now.

Davina Diaries Fiction: Cords That Bind II – Episode 2

Bertha and William quickly dragged Freda into the house, taking her as far away from Sandra as possible. Bertha kept asking Freda if she is alright, then she suddenly turned and began attacking Sandra for running away with Freda.

5 Categories of people you should never consider spending forever with

Marriage is an institution where you have to choose your course wisely. The last set of people you want to consider saying ‘I do’ to are those who seem perfect but always have an excuse every time they are invited to meet your friends and family.

Finally! Dino Melaye speaks from hospital bed

Senator Dino Melaye representing Kogi West has claimed he is being denied access to his family, lawyers and food.

6 Important reasons ‘Travel’ is good for your relationship/family

Taking a vacation and time off to travel has benefits for everyone: It opens our minds to new thoughts and allows us to unplug and step into an experience far more relaxing and pleasing to the senses than the everyday hustle and bustle of our daily lives.

Checkout These Gorgeous Family Photos of Jay-Jay Okocha

Aww!! They are so cute! Nigerian football legend, Austin Jay-Jay Okocha, and his family are just perfect and gorgeous in these new photos.

Davina Diaries Fiction: Tears of A Bleeding Heart – Episode 3

The tale of the twist and turns in the life of our heroine, Mansa..“I'm coming over right away” Mansa said and hung up."What happened to Elvis?" Derek asked.

Aww! Sadiq Daba returns Home

This is a satisfying news! Veteran Nollywood actor, Sadiq Daba who flew to the UK for treatment and later revealed that his leukemia is in remission, and prostate cancer is not spreading has returned home to his family.

5 Ways to avoid stress this Christmas

The festive season is one of the holidays when we all feel compelled to visit some of our family, yet this is the time of year that family fights seem to be most prevalent...

Sad! Badoo strikes again in Ikorodu, wipes out a family of...

This is really sad. According to reports, Members of the deadly Badoo cult group have struck again at Ibeshe area of Ikorodu, Lagos killing three members of a family.