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Eat These 6 Foods If You Want To Sleep Better

Whoever thought food could help with sleep? If you have tried several remedies to induce sleep and you are still unable to fall asleep...

5 Simple steps to save for your child’s future

As a parent, you want the best for your child—and that can be expensive. Food, clothes, books, toys, camp, sports, lessons; it all adds up.

What to and not to talk about on first dates

The good news is you’ve got a first date coming! Now what? As you're thinking over what to talk about on a first date with a new guy, conventional wisdom suggests...

What’s the difference between a headache and a migraine?

There are really, really bad headaches and then there are migraines. The question now is, what differentiates a common headache from a migraine? There...

What we all wish we knew sooner about losing weight

Anyone who has been through it can tell you that weight loss isn't easy. And while it's totally okay to *not* have weight loss as one of your fitness goals...

5 Side effects of antidepressants you don’t want to ignore

It might seem unfair that the drug you're taking to relieve your depression is now giving you insomnia. But that's just one common antidepressant side effect that can affect people who take this medication.

A detailed breakdown of how food affects the brain

Food is the fuel of the body. This includes the brain. However, more than power, food can affect the brain in a variety of ways. It can be used to increase and improve brain power, which in turn improves overall health and quality of life.

The right foods for people with Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition faced by many people around the world today; both the young and the old. It is a condition in which the body fails to produce the much needed insulin or the cells in the effected person’s body does not respond properly to insulin production.

How to make your kids take the healthy fruits they need

Children can be very choosy when it comes to food, especially fruits. But since this class of food is very vital to their growth, there has to be a way to get them eat it.

Here’s what causes your child’s stomachache and how to soothe it

When your tot’s tummy is upset, you want to fix the problem fast. Knowing exactly how to help can be tricky since he can’t tell you why it hurts.

Could this be the reason you feel hungry all the time?

Your unusual craving for food has physical and psychological involvement. You seem to feel hungry more often than not that you think it is a problem for you.

How to care for yourself after childbirth

From the first or second day, the mother should follow normal bathing habits. She can have showers and wash her hair, but she should not take her bath with cold water so she doesn't contract an infection.

Did you know?

Did you know that: 1. Your shoes are the first thing people subconsciously notice about you. Wear nice shoes.

9 Best Foods for Healthy Hair

I am not a fan of natural hair, at least not mine. The thing has refused to grow beyond neck-length and me I just generally gave up on it long time ago.

See the most effective time of the day to do your...

You have been trying all you can to keep fit. You even sometimes squeeze in a workout between your desk job. But before you...

How to deal with menstrual pain (Dysmenorrhoea) — natural and...

A major physiological condition that girls experience is menstrual pain. It is medically known as dysmenorrhoea. There are home remedies you can try.

Never store these foods in the refrigerator!

While we all like to treat the fridge as a safe-haven for all things food and drink, there are things you should in fact not put there.

Which is more important… When you eat or what you eat?

According to fitness expert, nutrient timing is the idea that certain macronutrients are better utilized by the body at certain times, specifically in relation to exercise.

How sugary and starchy foods cause lung cancer

To all the sweet tooth out there, you might want to pay close attention to this. It's not only smokers that are at risk of having lung cancer.

Weight Loss in your 20s, 30s, 40s

Remember those days when you were little and you didn't have to bother about weight gain or weight loss?