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Benefits of Having Garlic in Your Diet

Garlic is a herb grown in many parts of the world. It is a cousin to onions and leeks appraised to have very interesting...

4 Natural Remedies to Get Rid Of Acne

Of all the skin issues people experience, acne is the most common.  Acne occurs when the hair follicles on the skin begin to get...

Natural ways to get rid of rashes under the breast

Rashes under the breasts are quite common. Blame it on the seasonal allergies, these rashes are often unavoidable. Breast rashes can also be an embarrassing...

The most effective home remedies to cure mouth ulcers

Mouth ulcers can be extremely painful and can hinder your ability to eat and speak. A mouth ulcer is definitely not a laughing matter.

5 Effective ways to smell good without perfume or deodorant

Smelling good is just as much about what you put into your body as what you put on your body. So below are five healthy habits to, well, get in the habit of...

Common home remedies for Mouth ulcers

Mouth ulcers can be extremely painful and can hinder your ability to eat and speak. A mouth ulcer is definitely not a laughing matter.

Causes, symptoms and 6 natural remedies to get rid 0f a...

Staph infections are caused by the Staphylococcus bacteria that are found on the skin of many humans. They usually do not cause any harm.

Common home remedies for smelly armpits

Whatever the cause of your smelly underarms may be, you can get rid of the problem by following the simple home remedies discussed below.

8 Natural remedies to get rid of Warts on your face,...

Warts are small, round or oval growths on the skin that are caused due to a viral infection. They are usually painless and benign.

6 Great foods for fighting breakouts

Different triggers can cause acne. Your genetics determine whether you have the kind of skin that frequently breaks out or the kind that gets an occasional pimple.

10 Amazing ways to use onion juice for hair growth

Growing your hair is a task and an excruciatingly long one at that. With the amount of time your hair takes to grow, and the trims you cannot avoid...

How to freshen your breath immediately after eating garlic!

We love you, garlic, and all your amazing health benefits... we really do. We love you in knot form, on bread and with olive oil and lemons in pretty much every situation.

The benefits of garlic for your face

Hehe. Check out the new beauty trend that has taken the internet by storm... Women rubbing cloves of garlic all over their face, as a spot treatment method. And guess what, it’s working!

10 foods that will help reduce your Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a type of fat your body needs for many reasons. As important as this fat is your body, too much of it can have adverse on you, as it is known to be one of the major risk factors for heart disease.

Simple Home Remedy to Stop Snoring

Davina presents useful insights on the best time to drink water while eating. She offers some useful advice on what habits you should avoid and presents health risks associated with drinking water at the wrong time when eating.

10 foods that will detox your system and make you fit

After eating too many sugary sweets and fattening treats, you might be feeling a little blah. Unfortunately, you can’t turn back time and prevent the junk from accumulating in your system. But you can clean it out with a detox!

Why it’s difficult to get rid of garlic breath

You can tell when your partner eats garlic or a garlicky meal a full day even though he claims to have brushed his teeth twice.

5 Superfoods that help heal your Pancreas

The pancreas lies in the abdominal cavity behind the stomach. However, to enjoy overall good health, you must not ignore the health of your pancreas...

The one question you are too embarrassed to ask about your...

This is not the most pleasant topic, but your poo can tell you a lot about your health. For example, watery or "loose" poos can be a sign of a GI infection, while blackish or really dark poos can be a sign of intestinal bleeding.

Never store these foods in the refrigerator!

While we all like to treat the fridge as a safe-haven for all things food and drink, there are things you should in fact not put there.