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Health: 5 Healthy Meal Ideas To Try Out This Year

I am sure we are all setting up and trying out new health routines and systems for the New Year. Of course, one of...

Water Infusion 2: Citrus Burst

Still on the water infusion series,drinking lots of water is vital for good health and total body wellness. This is another way to make your...

Water Infusion 1: Ginger Rush

It's a new year and healthy living routines and habits are in the works. Do you find it hard taking the clinically recommended daily intake...

Fasting: 5 Reasons To Start Intermittent Fasting Today

If you are trying to work on your fitness goals this New Year, you may want to develop a healthy habit known as intermittent...

World Cancer Day: 7 Steps To Take To Prevent Cancer

The 4th of February is the annual world cancer day, an initiative founded by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) to create more...

How you can make the best of 2020

Happy New Year again everyone! Finally, we are in 2020. It’s a new year and a new decade and it will be great to...

Become a regular runner in no time with these 5 simple...

Running can be tough on beginners, but it will quickly evolve into an activity you crave every day. An incredible form of exercise, running increases health...

6 Evidences people who travel a lot are more likely to...

We all want to learn the secret of how to be successful. And while some of us will be, others won't. There's a lot of debate about what creates the road to success.

Do you need to reduce your water intake?

Just because we've been told water is essential, people tend to abuse it, because they think one can’t go wrong with H2O.

Watermelon seeds and all its benefits for your skin, hair, and...

As the name suggests (tarbooj ke beej in Hindi), these are the seeds found in the watermelon fruit. They are low in calories and high in nutrients, and no, they are not poisonous though they may be hard to digest for some.

Natural remedies for hair growth and thickness

Long, beautiful, and silky hair is a crown of glory for every girl. It defines how you look and boosts your self-confidence. But sometimes, you can be negligent...

Here’s why you shouldn’t eat lunch at your desk

It's estimated that up to 40 per cent of office workers typically eat at their desk during the working day. Multi-tasking your way through lunch may feel like...

5 Helpful technologies to improve your health and fitness

Staying fit and healthy is a priority for most of us. However, a life filled with work, family, and friends can make it really difficult.

How important is reading for your health and overall well-being?

For some of us, there's nothing as good as getting lost in a good book. Reading can transport us to another world, providing escape from life's daily stress.

Helpful health and fitness skills everyone should master!

Push-ups are hands down one of the best full-body toners—the basic move works your abs, arms, and chest. To easily master full push-ups, start in a more vertical position, working your way down to doing them on the floor as you master the form.

14 Weight-loss motivation tips that work – Part 2

Yes, picturing yourself with your goal physique can be motivating, but for some people, imagining what might happen to you if you don't lose weight can be even more inspiring.

The importance of reading for your health and overall well-being

For some of us, there's nothing as good as getting lost in a good book. Reading can transport us to another world, providing escape from life's daily stress.

How beneficial is lemon water to your health?

Some say that drinking lemon water in the morning promotes digestion, balances the body's pH levels, and detoxifies from the inside out.

Little health and fitness skills we should all know

These top skills will help you stay super healthy and generally fit.

Here’s how your body reacts to a bottle of Coke

We've all heard about the various hazards of drinking Coke whether true facts or midwives tales but breaks it down, step by step and you might never want a teaspoon of Coke after reading this.