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5 Helpful technologies to improve your health and fitness

Staying fit and healthy is a priority for most of us. However, a life filled with work, family, and friends can make it really difficult.

How important is reading for your health and overall well-being?

For some of us, there's nothing as good as getting lost in a good book. Reading can transport us to another world, providing escape from life's daily stress.

Helpful health and fitness skills everyone should master!

Push-ups are hands down one of the best full-body toners—the basic move works your abs, arms, and chest. To easily master full push-ups, start in a more vertical position, working your way down to doing them on the floor as you master the form.

14 Weight-loss motivation tips that work – Part 2

Yes, picturing yourself with your goal physique can be motivating, but for some people, imagining what might happen to you if you don't lose weight can be even more inspiring.

The importance of reading for your health and overall well-being

For some of us, there's nothing as good as getting lost in a good book. Reading can transport us to another world, providing escape from life's daily stress.

How beneficial is lemon water to your health?

Some say that drinking lemon water in the morning promotes digestion, balances the body's pH levels, and detoxifies from the inside out.

Little health and fitness skills we should all know

These top skills will help you stay super healthy and generally fit.

Here’s how your body reacts to a bottle of Coke

We've all heard about the various hazards of drinking Coke whether true facts or midwives tales but breaks it down, step by step and you might never want a teaspoon of Coke after reading this.

What your poor balance is trying to tell you about your...

Physical signs are our bodies’ ways of indicating that something may not be quite right. When there is an upset in the typical functioning of the body, it reacts in such a way to indicate that something isn’t quite right.

The best workouts for men in their 30s

Now you are in your 30s and this means you’re likely facing a number of lifestyle changes. Things are probably slowing down, maybe you’re getting married or starting a family. In terms of health and fitness, our 30s may just be the most important decade of our lives.

20 New ways to boost your health!

Pack your calendar with these 20 fast and fun ways to see your health and spirits soar.

These foods will help you sleep better at night

It's no news that dark chocolates help you sleep better but it is not the only food in the category. According to a new study, foods rich in Magnesium help to regulate the body clock, thereby improving sleep quality.

Our grandparents’ secret home remedies that are still effective till date

When it comes to my health and healing the body quickly without seeing a doctor, my grandparent’s effective home remedies can help, though you haven't heard of most them, but they are very effective. Discover their words of wisdom below.

What’s the difference between weight loss and being healthy?

When we talk about being healthy, the first thing that comes to the mind of an average man or woman is exercising and losing weight…  That’s definitely part of the process but then, there is a huge difference between losing weight and being healthy.

Poor lifestyle choices that may shorten your lifespan

Some of your lifestyle choices may be killing you slowly than you realize. Sure, people die but it is pointless if you speed up the process unnecessarily.

What is the link between your teeth and your health?

A white smile doesn’t only indicate healthy teeth and gums; your dental health also plays a significant role in how confident you feel. If you’re self-conscious about your smile, you’re not going to feel good when interacting with others.

Simple lifestyle changes that help support your brain

We live in a time where issues of the brain are becoming more and more prominent. Part of this is due to the fact that research is giving us more and more insight into brain function.

New study proves whole grains increase metabolism

Health experts have long agreed that whole grains are much better for us than heavily processed, or refined, grains.

Exactly how much more you should sleep each night if you’re...

Previous research supports the theory that people who sleep for shorter stretches tend to consume more calories than long sleepers.

5 Amazing health benefits of music

Music comes with an inner spirit that is beyond explanation. It is an art form that also provides entertainment and pleasure.