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Fitness: Natural ways to increase your stamina

You need stamina or endurance to take up any physical activity and complete it. Stamina is nothing but the physical strength and ability to do a task...

Helpful ways to get rid of stress in the New Year

Are you already shaping up for the New Year? Sounds about right, January first is only a few hours away, and who can claim to be prepared? Anyone? Right again.

Easy Steps to Achieving a Flat Tummy

Most people, especially women, are always battling with belly fat but have not been able to conquer it. Every lady wants to have a flatter tummy to...

5 Foods that will leave you smelling nice

Body odour can be due to hormonal changes in the body, excessive sweating, an unhealthy diet, genetics and poor hygiene. Though deodorants and perfumes are available to control body odour, they do not treat the underlying cause.

Study says excess belly fat might actually make your brain shrink

Carrying extra fat around your waist raises your risk for multiple diseases, including heart disease and diabetes, and now a January 2019 study published...

7 Factors that increase one’s risk of developing heart disease

You’re thinking... You go for runs, limit your doughnut consumption, and have never smoked a cigarette. So you're probably never going to get heart disease, right?

How to stay fit, healthy and independent as you grow old

One of the major challenges people face when they get older is staying independent. Just one little mishap can land them in the hospital for weeks or even months.

Lose Weight With These Amazing Water Recipes

Did you know you could lose weight by just drinking water? Well, Yes you can! We know that a healthy diet, exercise and self-control are key factors...

6 Strategies for guaranteed weight loss

The word guaranteed weight loss just seems unbelievable, because shedding off the extra pounds has proven to be a very tough job.

5 Best gym equipment to get rid of belly fat

While a healthy diet coupled with regular exercise can reduce your overall body-fat percentage, there's no magical cure for belly fat...

Want to be smarter? Eat Chocolate!

This is most definitely good news to all chocolate lovers. Research have suggested that people who eat chocolate at least once a week might...