Wednesday, February 19, 2020
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‘Boys would defile her’ – T.I. defends his controversial comment about...

Rapper T.I. is defending himself after facing incredible backlash for admitting that he accompanies his daughter to the gynaecologist every year to hear from her doctor that her hymen is still intact.

T.I.’s daughter Deyjah Harris unfollows him, her family on Instagram after...

T.I.'s daughter Deyjah Harris has unfollowed her dad and family on Instagram after he made comments about her hymen.

6 Dumbest things people think about female sexuality

It’s 2016, and a disturbing amount of people are still very unclear as to how female sexuality works or what goes on down there in general.

Ajala’s Travails: I Must Marry A Virgin

Dear dairy, I am on my way to Anita’s house with a long overdue apology. I had wronged her because of my stupid obsession. I really hope she forgives me.