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5 Jokes that seem harmless but actually hurts your partner’s feelings

Telling jokes is often one of the ways that couples connect. However, once in a while, one of them will let slip a seemingly harmless joke that will hurt the other person...

Dealing with toxic jealousy in a healthy way according to therapists

You might think the best way to cope with your jealousy is just to ignore it and move on. But pretending your feelings don’t exist can be a recipe for an emotional disaster.

Does your relationship feel broken? Here are 10 quick questions to...

Whether you're dealing with trust issues or getting into tons of fights with the person you love when your relationship seems to be struggling it can be difficult...

These 5 things will kill your relationship faster than you think

As beautiful as love is, little things we do can cost us our loved ones. If you get to ask most people why their relationship ended, you’ll discover it's because...

7 Reasons you need to stop telling your friend all about...

Love is a topic that we never fail to discuss with this friend. We obviously need them to know how our significant other either made our day or pissed us off.

5 Signs You’re dating a total control freak!

Whether he's jealous, chauvinistic or just plain insecure, there's no excuse for being a control freak. A healthy relationship consists of respect and support...

5 Relationship killers you need to avoid

As beautiful as love is, little things we do can cost us our loved ones. If you get to ask most people why their relationship ended, you’ll discover it's because of one silly thing they or the other person did.

Guys: 5 things you do that turn girls off

If you are that “nice guy” who’s tired of being overlooked or know someone who can relate, then it’s likely that you’re not being truly yourself....

Ladies: simple ways to spot a potential abuser

Being in an abusive relationship is very unhealthy, it can lead to unhappiness, depression and sometimes death. So if you’re afraid that you or someone you love may be getting into an abusive situation, below are some signs to look for:

The real reason why women cheat on their man

Before now, men were the leading team in the cheating game, but a good look at our world today would make us understand that women are equally leading.

Love Happened at Christmas- Episode 12

The way the women fought for their men amused him, he was so engrossed in it that he felt to notice when his girlfriend Tansi had walked into the house.

Handling your emotions… Jealousy/Envy

I don’t know the difference between these two emotions but I know they have this thing in common: feeling bad about someone’s possession.

5 Changes you should expect when you move closer to your...

Your long-distance relationship is over. No, you didn't break up — you're making the move to one another. Yay!

8 Signs it’s obsession… NOT love

The weird world of romance movies often makes obsession sound oddly romantic. But the truth is… Obsession isn’t cute. It’s not charming.

Dear Davina: I’m under pressure to get married but my Boyfriend...

Dear Davina, I will be 27 years old this August. The pressure to get married is on me, as the first female. Actually, I have a guy I dated for 2 and a half years; he loves me very much but he's too jealous.

10 Things You Should Never Share With Your Partner

Relationships generally are considered to be mostly about sharing. We share feelings, passion, dreams and purpose. We also share bottles of wine and steamy...

Jealous boyfriend waterboards girlfriend for chatting with another man

Jealousy at its Peek! This 22-year-old jealous boyfriend from Winconsin, known as Dylan VanCamp stands at risk of being sentenced to 10 years in...