Sunday, March 29, 2020
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Types of women you should never date or marry

Before you go into any relationship or before you take any woman to the altar, you must watch her very closely. If she exhibits any character that may...

7 Beautiful reasons love is good for your heart

A growing body of research indicates that what is known as love and positive attitude has a very strong effect on our biological system to not only live happier but live longer.

Assassin’s Angel – Episode 7

In one swift moment she rose to her feet and pointed the gun at him, blood pumped in her veins, voices rang in her ears as anxiety washed over her. Was she really ready for this?

Mariah Carey cancels Brussels concert after terror attack

Smart move! Due to the terror attack that rocked Brussels earlier this week, Mariah Carey has canceled her upcoming concert in the Belgian capital, citing...

Weird! Excessive happiness can also cause Heart Attack

Huhn???! It’s long been known that excessive stress can cause a heart attack - but now scientists are saying that the same can be said...