Wednesday, February 19, 2020
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Signs that your village people are after your destiny

You don’t need a pastor to tell you this, if you have ever passed through any of these things, then my brother or sister, your village people are after your destiny.

How Big is your Child’s TV set?

Your child is not going to behave like Obama because you like Obama and you want him to become like Obama. If you want your child to behave like Obama, you would have to decide from when the child is young to behave like Obama.

Couple face jail term for failing to return library books

Interesting! A couple is now facing jail term for not returning two library books on time. Cathy and Melvin Duren who are from Michigan, U.S,...

Don Jazzy makes fun of DJ Khaled’s grammatical blunder

Don Jazzy is just a clown! The Mavins Crew boss has called out ‘King of Snapchat’ DJ Khaled for his grammatical error while sharing one of...

5D disc that can store data for billions of years

We sometimes worry about preserving precious information for future generations, considering the fact that most digital formats have a surprisingly short lifespan. We can worry...